"Robbers" as written by Ross Macdonald, Adam Hann, George Daniel and Matthew Healy....
She had a face straight outta magazine
God only knows but you'll never leave her
Her balaclava is starting to chafe
When she gets his gun he's begging, babe stay, stay, stay, stay, stay

I'll give him one more time
We'll give you one more fight
Said one more lie
Will I know you

Now if you never shoot, you'll never know
And if you never eat, you'll never grow
You've got a pretty kinda dirty face
When she's leaving your home she's begging you, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay

I'll give you one more time
We'll give you one more fight
Just said one more line
There'll be a riot, 'cause I know you

Well, now that you've got your gun
It's much harder now the police have come
Now shoot him if it's what you're worth
But if you just take off your mask
To find out that everything's gone wrong, wrong, wrong

Now everybody's dead
And they're driving past my old school
And he's got his gun, he's got his suit on
She says, babe, you look so cold, you look so cold, you look so cold
You look so cold, you look so cold, you look so cold

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"Robbers" as written by Adam Hann Ross Macdonald

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Robbers song meanings
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    My InterpretationShe had a face straight out a magazine

    she was absolutely beautiful, might as well have been a model, gorgeous in every way

    God only knows but you'll never leave her

    you will never stop loving her no matter how hard you try even if you are denying it, technically only “god knows” because you will not even admit it to yourself but you will love this girl eternally, maybe not completely, but always she will be in your heart

    Her balaclava is starting to chafe

    maybe her sweetness is fading away, she isn’t how she used to be, she is falling apart, she no longer has composure, basically she is becoming jaded to this world, she wants an out , maybe not directly through suicide but somehow

    When she gets his gun he's begging, "Babe stay, stay, stay, stay, stay."

    his gun could be his heart…she can kill him by breaking his heart. his gun is love and she can destroy him by breaking it.. he needs her to stay, he wants her to stay he loves her

    I'll give him one more time

    they will try one more time, its all falling apart but they need to try he loves her and she needs him

    We'll give you one more fight
    Said one more line
    There'll be a riot, cause I know you

    they keep saying next time things suck its done, its over but we wont go down without a fight because they know how special what they have is, the two know that it wont fade away easily..not just fighting each other but fighting themselves on the inside, fighting the demons taunting them if it fails and the heartbreak

    Now if you never shoot, you'll never know

    if they don’t try it how will they ever know? you need to take leaps and risks in this life or you dont know what beauty you leave under the ground

    And if you never eat, you'll never grow

    if you don’t take care of yourself you wont become stronger…if you don’t EAT ie try something new like a relationship or love you’re not sure about, you wont learn how to live and be new in this world

    You've got a pretty kinda dirty face

    so many mixed emotions within this love

    And when you're leaving your home she's begging you, "Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay."

    so much love for one another, she begs him to never leave him ever but times are changing, he needs to go out and live

    I'll give you one more time
    We'll give you one more fight
    Just said one more line
    There'll be a riot, cause I know you

    again they just keep keeping everything alive through second chances and living on the torn strings at the end of the blanket trying to keep the fire burning and alive but it is so hard…it is so hard to keep it even though their love is so deep

    Well, now that you've got your gun

    its finally ended, they’ve hurt each other, they’ve shot each other…reality has forced the lovers apart and they must come to terms about it, im not quite sure what did it but the love ending is hurting them

    It's much harder now the police have come

    the police coming symbolize reality coming, the dangers of the world , how hard it is to keep the love once its under the scrutiny of the public and out there in the real adult world

    Now shoot him if it's what you're worth

    if you really care about him and you’re really a good person just cut this all off, no more second chances to be stolen or ROBBED from one another, please just let him and yourself move on

    And if you just take off your mask

    if you would just take off this façade, fake image you were putting on for everyone you would realize it is all so so wrong and you need to stop

    To find out that everything's gone wrong, wrong, wrong.

    its all different now its all wrong now cant you see it?? stop faking it move on let each other love others and see lightness, no more of this darkness anymore please , they both want to be past these gunshots they gave each other, but are so scared to see the other let their wounds heal

    Now everybody's dead

    no one is who they used to be, everybody has changed, no longer children or their past selves, who you used to know aren’t the same people anymore, maybe in the sense that your childhood town doesn’t embody the same people anymore , it is just the same place filled with different people, making it a new place.. everybody. is. dead.

    And they're driving past my old school

    all my old memories of our past and my own past are flooding in and its so changed and different

    And he's got his gun, he's got his suit on

    now he has a gun, he has the capability to hurt others because he has been hurt, he has his suit because he is older and grown up and a part of reality, he isn’t the hopeless dreamer he used to be

    She says, "Babe, you look so cold, you look so cold, you look so cold, cold, cold, cold
    You look so cold, you look so cold, you look so cold, cold, cold, cold, cold."

    the ex lover sees him and he is hurt and jaded and sad to the world now … he seems fine on the outside but he is cold.. and the irony is she was the one who made his temperature drop

    the lovers are robbing each others happiness and chances in this world from one another. they keep giving each other second chances, “one more fights” only to rob new chances from one another. they cant move on and grow in love because they are so caught up on what they used to have therefore becoming robbers of new things to one another
    lolo2on October 14, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI have to say that if you're wondering about this song, watch the music video. Never in my life have I seen a music video that is this accurate and beautifully made to say the least. It gets the song down to perfection.

    I think this song is about infatuated lovers overcome by the lust, the drugs, the thrill, the danger, and the flawed lens that they see each other through.

    She is this beautiful girl and he's this drug obsessed boy who's probably going to corrupt whatever ounce of innocence she has left. He's almost obsessed with her in a way, she's beautiful how could you ever want to leave her, and her infatuation with him only means she's not going anywhere.

    To give a more literal meaning of her balaclava is starting to chafe. A balaclava is one of those wool ski masks or in this case the mask a robber would wear to cover up his identity since it only has holes for the mouth and eyes. Chafe means to wear down, meaning her mask is wearing from all the use. Often times I found that Matty's lyrics can be as literal as it gets. This song is quite possibly as simple as two lovers that are also well, robbers. And I know it's considered a love story because he's said it point blank.

    The next part, one more time, one more fight, one more line, will I know you. One more time, maybe it's their last time engaging in the act of 'robbing', one more fight I think literally means one more fight. I take it this couple fights a lot, whether it be the drugs, their lifestyle which has ever ounce of danger following it or a simple verbal fight. One more line, cocaine. From other 1975 songs, cocaine is a constant repeating topic and a line refers to that. I take that as the meaning here also because from the video there's frequent drug use that backs that. Will I know you, well will he know her? Will she know him? Will they?? Its out loud thinking, one more of this, then will we understand? That's actually a little cloudy for me.

    For the next part, in the video he's playing with a gun and she gets upset over it. I almost take it as he's making a joke of this with her. If you never shoot you never know, if you never eat you never grow. Those aren't comparable things really, he's taking the situation too lightly and I think that's part of the infatuated lovers idea, he's a mess, crazy almost but she's so tied to him that she'll be forgiving even when he sticks a gun to her face as a joke. The pretty kinda dirty face, she's wearing down, either by this words, their actions, whatever it is she's slowly melting away from herself and falling for everything she does.

    The stay part, this is simple. In the first few lines he was begging her, he wanted her because she was beautiful and she caught his eye as this girl he could play around with. But now, she's begging him to stay. She fell for him, he almost ruined her. He's got her robbing whatever you wanna say, stores, banks, so be it. He's got her hooked on drugs. The video has him putting drugs into her mouth, it also has her doing a line of cocaine by herself among others. He was begging, and now she's begging. That's as simple as it gets, they're glued to each other basically.

    Then it repeats the one more time, fight, line but the last line changes. Be a riot, cause I know you. Basically, I can't say for certain if it's talking about her or him or both even but it's gotten to the point in their relationship where it doesn't matter how crazy they act or what they do or who they hurt or what drugs they're doing because they know each other, they know what to expect at this point that it's no longer an act of doing but an act of knowing. They both know, we're doing this. We're robbing this store and there's no backing out or being scared because we're crazy and we're doing it. They fully understand each other and they're now fully committed to their choices. This part of the video is very intimate, they're kissing and you see that they love each other. Toxic lovers.

    This next part, in the video they're standing there in front of a store that well they're going to rob. Their friends, or the rest of the band, is waiting in a van for them. They have a plan. The video doesn't go along with this next part exactly but it's easy to understand just by the lyrics. The police have come, so their plan is complicated. I'll shoot him if that's what you ask, meaning if you want me to do this I will, showing their connection to each other and their willingness to do whatever it takes for each other and for their safety. But if you just take off your mask you'll find out everything's gone wrong. I love that line, for many reasons. But meaning to the song, there's a couple. If you take off your mask, surrender really you'll find yourself in a bigger mess. Or if you stop if you back out it's going to be worse. Something complicated their plan and showing who they are and succumbing to their failure of the task won't make it better.

    For the end, I'll give the lyric and the video interpretation. For the lyrics, everybody's dead, meaning they killed the people in the place they robbed. But remember the police are there, meaning our infatuated lovers have been caught. I take it as they're put in the back seat of the cop car, they're driving through the town they pass his old school. He's got his suit on, that's the cops uniform and I see her standing there watching him, or sitting next to him. Either works because I see it two ways. He was taken into the cop car and she was left standing meaning that he was charged for the crime. But if she's next to him, then they both were. So the last line, which should be, you look so cool, it's her being in the completely flawed mindset that she's created, thinking the police taking him away is cool. He looks cool to her, basically her flawed mentality makes her think he looks like a badass being taken away by the police which is sick minded to think about when you're in the real world but she's not in the right mindset at the moment. The part of her that's obsessed with him and their lifestyle, that makes this cool to her. It's cool for the simple reason that she's saying babe you're a badass, we did this and I know you're being taken away but I love you and I love the thrill and yeah I think you get it.

    Now for the video, before the now everybody's dead part, which to go on a tangent and say that the way Matty sings the line, Now everybody's dead, just gives off the pure emotion of the song and it makes it raw and important. But back to the video. Before that line there's a pause and the video goes silent as they run into the store, then you hear shots. Second later the song picks up and he screams, now everybody's dead and the two run out of the store, no police are seen, but Matty is shot. They then get into the van and drive away. I think the way the lyrics go here, it could mean that they were successful in their plan except for the he being shot part of course, no one wants that. But they're driving past my old school, okay you could say they're driving past as they get away in the van being driven by their friends but I think the lyrics lose a little bit of accuracy here for the video. Then you see flashes of Matty with his gunshot wound, they're kissing, patching it up, and at the end they're at a diner I think you see him read this note that she passed to him and it says you look so cool, another reason for why those are the lyrics. But something about the video is cool if you notice it, Matty has a bandage over where his wound would be during parts of the video meaning that it's being done in flashes. So that's an interesting thing to pick up on and it tells you that the video isn't in accurate time order at points.

    Anyways, I hope this cleared things up for some people. I think this song is more literal then some see it but I truly think it's actually about robbers, its as simple as the title. Sometimes its best not to look into stuff so much because the answers are right there. But this song for sure has the potential to be taken other routes which I saw reading other comments and I agree with elements that other people brought up. At the end of the day, this is a love song according to the genius that is Matthew Healy. It's a toxic love story about fucked up, drug addicted lovers that are completely and utterly infatuated by each other to the point where robbing a store is okay and considered cool. It's tragically beautiful and an amazing song and if you haven't yet seen the video I urge you to watch it because I think it's one of the best music videos I ever seen and helps with clarity about the lyric meaning. Andddd that's it, thanks for reading!
    neverlandingon June 25, 2014   Link
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    My OpinionThis song was inspired by the movie 'True Romance' and if you have seen the movie you can see where certain lines in this song were obviously written for specific quotes in the film. For example, the line 'you look so cool' was much like the line in the movie where one of the main characters named Alabama tells her husband Clarence that he's 'so cool' and she even writes on a napkin 'You're so cool!' plus one of the lines in the movie is 'You're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool'. Many people seem to think that this song represents a painful love whereas really, the song is about two people that have fell deeply in love with each other and are practically partners in crime. 'We'll give you one more fight' implies that the two of them won't let the other fight alone and they put up a fight together as they have each others backs.

    'Now everybody's dead' in the movie, there's a room full of people including the police ('it's much harder now the police have come') and everyone ends up getting shot and dies apart from three people, the couple being two of the three. However, the husband gets shot but doesn't die-in the music video, Matty gets shot but it never shows him dying.

    I think people look too deep when really, the lyrics are what they are, there's guns, people are dying and nothing went to plan. Their love isn't painful or difficult, they're actually crazily in love and stick together through every trouble that comes along the way.

    I suggest watching the movie True Romance as it does truly give you a better understanding of the lyrics and it's a great film. :)
    Personallyon December 23, 2014   Link
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    General Commentthe lyrics should be "you look so cool." matt said this song was inspired by the film "true romance," and the movie ends with one of the two main characters saying "you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool"
    girlfrombarcelonaon May 03, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI just completely fell in love with this song and the video, idk why, I'm completely obsessed with it.
    It's so beautiful, genuine and there are so many thoughts behind it.
    Ebbragon May 08, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about being attached to a lover and not leaving them even though you should. The two lovers are "robbing each other" by staying with one another because they're not letting each other go and it's only causing negative effects.
    GoddessofLoveon May 13, 2014   Link
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    General Commentin an interview I watched once, Matty explained it as "lovers robbing chances from each other." which although I think there are many themes in this song (the usual sex, drugs, etc.) it seems to be the underlying one! by the way, I believe that last lyrics are "you look so cool." not cold.
    pizza4jesuson January 17, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is about his cocaine addiction.
    The "girl" could be a metaphor- "God knows you'll never leave her.."

    But it's about the drug- " if you never shoot you'll never know" Like shoot up drugs.

    "I'll give you one more time
    We'll give you one more fight
    Just said one more line
    There'll be a riot, cause I know you"

    One more line of Cocaine..

    and it was a struggle and probably killed him and was killing him.

    He even says in one of his interviews he was a big coke addict.
    aubsshawon April 05, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationI know the actual meaning has already been explained by the writers, but this is what I felt and understood when I first heard it.

    The song starts off as him finding her and thinking she's beautiful. She's stressed and edgy and so she moderately accepts him into her life despite being distant and not trusting really anyone. ("Her balaclava is starting to chafe"). I think the gun in this song represents power. "When she gets his gun" is representing the fact that she has the reigns in the relationship and she can control what's going down. Also, note how at this point HE'S the one begging HER.

    I feel like when the chorus first plays its showing how even though they have their rough points and she is cold, they're giving it another shot. She's giving him a chance into her life and he's giving her another chance with the gun to "shoot", or put a start to their relationship. Perhaps friends with benefits?

    The next stanza goes into the fact they give it a shot, ("if you never shoot you never know") and opens herself emotionally, perhaps by sleeping with him. Note, how this time SHE'S the one begging HIM.

    Now, I first heard the bridge differently than the actual lyric. I heard "well now that you've got your gun, its much harder now to place your c*m." as in now that they've had sex he's acting distant and isn't really feeling it. They have the gun, or the power, and she's saying she will finally agree to progress their relationship or agree she caught feelings. ("And I'll shoot it if that's what you ask") But she also points out that things have changed and if they were to both drop the cold facade and really look at each other, the dynamic in their friendship has changed so drastically. ("But if you just take off your mask, you'll see that everything has gone wrong.") Perhaps she wants him and likes this change, or perhaps she thinks that they've changed too much for this to be. I personally felt as if she wants him and thinks deep down, he was being just as cold as her from the get go.

    This next part also gets more ambiguous. ("Now everybody's dead"). I feel like he shot her down or backed out, or put an end to their relationship. Perhaps because he felt they changed too much, or he is no longer interested after actually getting what he had been begging for so long.

    "She says 'babe, you look so cold'". She sees him as he is and he is now playing the cold lover. She assumed that role at the beginning, but now he's the one ignoring calls or denying a relationship. Her heart is broken and they are both miserable. ("The sky is gone, the sky is hidden")

    The title "robbers" is more obvious, demonstrating the fact they rob love and affection from each other, and while she was the one doing this in the beginning, in a twist at the ending he shot down any chance they had so now all the bridges are burnt. Its a deep ass song, and I haven't been able to stop listening to it since hearing it!
    abravar2on April 20, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationAbout a couple who are in love with each other. Although the video shows them both smoking and doing drugs together. I believe he feels as though she is like a robber, who stole his heart, his mind and everything he owns and made it a part of her, making him hypnotised by her love.
    ItsKatherineeon May 14, 2014   Link

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