Delmar Fisheries Lyrics

Ariel, your hybrid eyes betray your lust
wild sea-foam forms only a fool would trust

Amongst the damp debris you bob there
with your eyes so wet

I only feel a little sad when I cast my net

Are you gonna pack your clams
with the things you might wear?
How will you manage yourself
when you get up there?

So, you gonna hold your breath?
Or just breath in?

Can you stand the oxygen across your fins.

It's hard to swim
when you're tangled up with the crustaceans

It's hard to flee
a human who's just after your meat

Please, take me home

My cry goes unanswered
bubbling upwards

Reel me in
so hopeful that I'll make some surface friends

These fishermen
only interested in the market price of fins

I go home with someone new
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