Lay here under bombast and gloom
A parade of ghouls marches by
Headed down to Nero's tomb
Raising flags and burning rights

Warm yourself by a god-made fire
Pinocchio with spinning eyes
Laugh aloud under bomb-lit skies
A victim's smile never lies

You have always lived your life like a joke with no time
What you going to do about it until you get the punch line right?

On the cliff above stormy waves
Can't decide to climb or drown
Up is folly and down disgrace
Under thumbs over written
The ladder is poison have to find a new way around

What you going to do about it?
What you going to do about it?
What you going to do about it?
What you going to do about it?

You have always lived your life like a joke with no time
You have always lived your life like a joke with no time

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Attrition Lyrics as written by Hunter Benedict Shepherd

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Attrition song meanings
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    Song MeaningThis song was written by Ben and apparently is a commentary on the invasion of Iraq.
    treeking77on December 06, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIt's about making your own way in life and not following the masses.
    ardit10234on June 30, 2019   Link
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    General CommentWith the song titled Attritions current layout, it sounds nice reading it from the bottom up also, and in this format of the stanzas/verses/chorus what it makes me think of is the following

    I believe it's really important to read it from the fourth section down, from this perspective I also believe that it's very rooted into the piousness of these people that, and now borrowing from the top reference of a very important character of rome in his real to life role long ago, the east and not the "Middle East" for the sake of his large and important role of christians living in the time they did. (He once burned 60+ Christians in his garden in front of his temple)

    Now, onward, from the cliff meaning life in this realm, to the waves, meaning Hell, and the ladder meaning the heavens (According to non-popular factual mythological lore, there were a number of them, seven? Eight? 92? There's more than just one though is the main point.) And their beliefs being Martyred and in consequence these people of the east themselves.

    Going upwards, also a possible allusion to the prior way to read it? *shrug* The third stanzas being a conflicting perspective of the bomber, versus the viewer of this all. (Or player, if you're an avid follower of "The Anon" and what they all have told.)

    And now an important part the second verse here, or set of stanzas, the god made fire a reference from the previous war waged next to the beginning of the invasion itself in circa 70' God was also called in media the rescue team, or extract. Pinnochio being the all seeing eyes of Geppeto (I believe that's spelled right) and his strings being pulled to do this and that, where the artist steps in to portray once again the contrast of the victims smile who would out-of-nowhere appear from a prior viewer perspective of a seemingly non-chalant like character. With the bomb-lit skies being the previous reference to the historically accurate depiction of who god is.

    And finally a historical and also not-so-known cult of religious followers wanting the end of days and the al-dajjal or the anti-christ to appear to end a global prophecy of islam and its surrounding states, ISIS. Preferring NERO, though, it seems.

    Also, and lastly, the punch-line reference being some sort of synonym to the word by definition Laugh, for "Killer" To tie this all into one, very large and pious referencing song to depict a very small percentage of beliefs and views in reference to what goes on very far past and beyond the protective gates of America. Thanks Vespucci! Ciao,

    Much Love,
    makeasmartchoion February 27, 2020   Link

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