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I Can't Find an Angel Lyrics

It's twelve o'clock again and here I am slowly driving home
To nothing but a big ole empty bed and another night alone
Before I left this evening I turned the lights down low and chilled some wine
I thought tonight would be the night someone would use that pillow next to mine
I went to church and got down on my knees and softly said a prayer
I listened for an answer but I didn't find it there
I looked in every honky-tonk in town and I searched the neon lights
But I can't find an angel to save my life
It seems that everyone I know has found someone to love and settle in
But I ain't settled nothing and it's killing me time and time againâ?¦
I've been shot down in flames I've been stood up and I've been frozen out
I've been hurt but never felt as helpless as I'm feeling now.
I went to church...
Oh I need to find an angel to save my life
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