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U Don't Wanna Be Broke Lyrics

Check it, brrrrrow!
That was personal!
It's real with this
I came here right now to put a little hope in the hearts,
and the minds of those have-nots

You don't want to be broke, you want to be rich and famous
(Bad Azz is a fool)
well why would you go where everybody knows what your name is
(Bad Azz is a fool)

[Verse 1]
I'm a product of the block
selling crumbs off this fifty dollar rock
and my house is the dope spot
on the couch with the door locked
Shorty K's on the phone, Lil J's on the floor
the Jeffersons on the tube somebody knockin at my door
who is it?
I ain't expectin no visit
so shady, I answer the door with the 380
'cause lately, haters been pushing my buttons
frontin niggas get nothin
it's like all of the sudden
everybody's want a Bentley
everybody got a rap
everybody done been in a gang or sold a little crack
How's that?
for history on Unsolved Mysteries
you niggas want to holla at Bad, you can get with me
in traffic I'm a hood-type nigga made good
I'm the chronic wit it, stress weed tastes like wood
and you should, recognize life is more important
every second that goes by, it's only getting shorter
we order death at the burger stand
murder stands closer to love than hate, wait
drugs are more abundant than fate
and there some places about as safe as being nowhere
close to your gun out in Kosovo
run on feet from the cops,
with the lights from the chopper on your back
ditch the strap, with the other hand throw the sack
if they catch me without the gun they gon' stretch me
fuck a six, I'd rather deal with God and repent
and on this one way street of life that ends in the middle
there's a little time left, let's hit the liquor store and get some liqour nigga
drink away the drama before it leads us astray
wake up drunk and do the same thing the very next day
and aye aye
if I cane I ain't got enough money honey
real sunny days make me horny, do you want me
to spend a little money on your panties and a movie and some candy with some doobie and some brandy, and he
took her to the hotel
to whoop her and let her throw tail
all around the room, and check out about noon
to zoom zoom
and I smashed off
just to drop the ass off
and turn the beat up, and speed up
'cause this the type of shit that niggas thrash on


You don't want to be broke, you want to be rich and famous
(Bad Azz is a fool)
well why would you go, where everybody knows what your name
(Bad Azz is a fool)
I can see you don't know, exactly what the game is
(Bad Azz is a fool)
I'm just trying to give you hope, that's exactly what my aim is
(Bad Azz is a fool)

[Verse 2]
In this forsaken life of sin
they got a cell for you waiting at the pen
your homies is there, that ain't never coming back again
it's silly murders in the dope game
robbed and executed over cocaine
from Little Rock on back up to Spokane
and L.A.'s the same thang
the same place the kids play they gang bang
they bang bang and shoot em up
and who the fuck!
got heart enough to talk to a pistol
blow the whistle on your life
it's like craps on the dice
bustin' caps on a bike
flee speedin down an alley
thinking 'Damn! It's somethin bout Cali'
It's water or the Cavi
naw maybe it's the bitches and the sunshine
fool it's the palm trees, cool breeze and one time
This the home of ragtops and swimsuits
we wear Chuck Taylors, nigga we don't fuck with Timb boots
We 2pac wit it (what)
We too hot wit it (what)
Keep two glocks wit em (what)
shoot two cops wit em (what)
we on the block wit it
raw, nonstop wit it
run up bustin', nigga 'cause we ain't cockin shit
We in the chamber off safety
you in danger if you hatin all that envy and that drama really make me
want to take it there, make it wear
you ain't really safe out here
Comin up on your block
poppin shots out the drop
Snatch my ski mask off, turn the beat up
and speed up, 'cause this the shit that niggas thrash on


Bad Azz is a fool (repeated until end)
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Feb 06, 2012
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