"Hell of a Season" as written by and Brian Joseph Burton Daniel Auerbach....
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    My InterpretationMuch of The Black Keys songs are about girls problems, so it's not a reach to say that this song is about rejection.

    The first stanza starts off, "Even though you don't know you're reacting all along" essentially talks about the girl that rejected him, not knowing that if he's the right guy for her, but she didn't rejected him clearly, like staying as friends (yes, my interpretation comes from my own personal experience).

    The second stanza, "What I see, is killing me. You won't make it on your own." Almost says to me, that he's telling the girl that he IS the guy for her, and noone else is. So, she can't "make it on her own" because he's the only (and right) guy for her.

    Chorus comes in two parts, including the song title. First part: "In this Hell of a Season, give me more of a reason to be with you." "Hell of a season" is him trying to get over the rejection. "Give me more of a reason to be with you" means he wants to get over her, but can't because the rejection just makes him want her even MORE, and he wants a real reason to even think/wish about being with her again.

    Second part of the chorus, "Say you'll be better, I'll keep waiting forever..." Pretty much he's saying- you think you're better off without me (and you're not), so I'll be waiting when you come back eventually- eventually or "forever" meaning he'll wait, not literally, but probably until she's POSSIBLY married so he'll know it finally worked out for her, LOL.

    Third stanza, "Even though I don't know, I'm pretending that I do." - Even though he's not sure himself about HER, he thinks and wants her to be the one. "It's my curse, I can't (Can or cannot?) reverse, I'm still waiting here for you"- curse as in, the LONG mourning period that he can't get over, or can he, so he waits.

    foolishwillon December 13, 2011   Link

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