You still can feel
You still believe
You still can love me
You still can bleed


You so unique, you
You soothe my mind
You still assure me
You stupefy


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"Parasite" as written by Mariqueen Arrabaca Maandig Atticus Ross

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    General CommentFirst the correct lyrics:

    "Yes, I can feel you
    Yes, I believe
    Yes, you can have me
    Yes, I can breathe


    Yes, now I need you
    Yes, you soothe my mind
    Yes, you have shown me
    Yes, you stupefy


    In my opinion it's about the need of doing something like lust or appetite(in a sexual way). This need is controlling your life, but also kind of helping you survive:

    "Yes, I can feel you"
    S/He feels the need (or the animal inside).
    "Yes, I believe"
    S/He believes that s/he makes free decision (even though they are controlled by the subconsciousness which is trying to satisfy the need)
    "Yes, you can have me"
    Now s/he is aware of her/his real intentions, but doesn't care because...
    "Yes, I can breathe"
    ...s/he feels finally free again, and all the derpessing feelings are gone.

    "Yes, now I need you"
    S/He is becomming addicted to satisfying the need,...
    "Yes, you soothe my mind"
    ...since it makes all the "bad" thoughts go away.
    "Yes, you have shown me"
    The need showed her/him what s/he is missing.
    "Yes, you stupefy"
    The brain doesn't "waste" it's time anymore with rational thoughts and the alter-ego is thinking in a primitive way.

    The word Parasite is in my opinion used because it is something that just damages an organism and doesn't do any good. The parasite which is described feels right, because the brain doesn't deliberate anymore and is stupefied.

    I don't know if it makes sense, but I can relate to it since I split up with my ex-gf, because I thought that I was in love with another girl even though I was controlled by a lower force(literally lower).
    That's when I realized that a big part of my brain is primitive and then it was too late.

    I'm not stating that my genitals are parasite, I do like sex, but I didn't gain anything from listenning to them instead of staying with the intelligent girl, I chose the one with the bigger sexual characteristics >.<
    1ing1ingon June 16, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree with 1ing1ing, I think this song is about parasitic relationships and sex. Maybe Mariqueen only has herself to blame? After all, she flaunted those overtly sexual vibes in a pop music arena first (albeit with subversion and nudity) thus opening the floodgates for the T
    TechProduceron August 08, 2012   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionRight at the end of the song, after the last 'parasite', she says 'proof'.
    tastefulon July 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentParasite.
    This title makes me think of a literal parasite. Maybe its commentary on something else.
    Something that really stood out to me was the first 3 or 4 bars from "My country tis of thee."

    It seems this is a description of the people with power over religious groups who use that power and the culture to get others to bleed for our energy policy (among others). I personally would directly call the ideas themselves the parasite but I don't think that is what is going on here.

    yes i can feel you - religious people tend to describe belief as a feeling
    Yes i believe - Yes I believe
    Yes you can have me - I am willing to sacrifice myself
    Yes i can bleed - yes, i can bleed for those ideas

    Parasite - a parasite feeds off the host.

    Yes now i need you - People get addicted to the ideas
    You soothe my mind - because they help you deal
    Yes you have shown me - they claim to have answers we all want to have

    You stupefy - how stupefying

    Each track on the album is about how to "destroy angels"
    blueox01on October 14, 2010   Link

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