"No God" as written by Michael Schleibaum, Paul Wayne Burnette, Michael Carrigan Theobald, John Henry and Ryan Littlefield Parrish....
There's no salvation in a world where you worship your reflection.
And no redemption for a life of servitude.
You bow and you heed on hallowed command.
Your holy land is all rot and reeking.

It's a safe place.
A hollow escape.
A palace of concrete and glass.
Keep waiting, keep waiting for...

No god to release you.
No god to make you fall to your knees.

There's blood on these pages and a war inside your head and with yourself.
Through the ages through every form of hell.

It's a safe place.
A hollow escape.
A palace of concrete and glass.
Keep waiting, keep waiting for...

No god to consume you.
No god to bear your burden.
No god to use you.
No god, no, it's all an illusion.

A usurper of life.
It'll bleed every last drop.
And it'll suck all the breath out of you.
And leave you forsaken.

There's no god to release you.
There's no god to make you fall down to your knees.
There's no god to consume you.
There's no god to bear your burdens.
There's no god, no, it's all an illusion.

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    General CommentThis song is a complete joke lyrically. Musically, very good indeed but the substance is severely lacking. The entire song commits the logical fallacy of begging the question, that is, assuming that what you are trying to prove to be true is already true.

    In case Darkest Hour wasn't aware, the existence of God is a heavily debated topic and there is certainly no concrete proof on either side. This song assumes that God doesn't exist and goes from there. There is nothing substantial in the song adding to the argument, just some biased claims made by the lyricist.

    If the song is viewed from the perspective of people who call themselves Christians but are instead self seeking and only want money and power, I could see how the lyrics could be somewhat more accurate. Christianity is not about these things but when someone like Joel Osteen runs the largest church in America I can certainly see how that image is maintained.

    I love this band. They make some fantastic music. However, they should choose the subject material of their songs a little more carefully, this is biting off much more than they can chew.
    TheDarkestRed87on November 29, 2009   Link

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