Saturday, Saturday don't stay home
Robot girls at the Monsterdome
70 feet tall and 20 feet wide
X-rated robot genocide

Death Orgy 9000

Saturday, Saturday feel the pain
Insatiable Amazon robots unchained
Demolition derby one of a kind
Bring welding goggles or just go blind

Death Orgy 9000

You'll be dumbstruck in humbled awe
By android supermodels in the raw
Anatomically correct with perfect skin
They'll soon be piles of useless tin

Death Orgy 9000

They preen and prance in a deadly flirt
Their pumps are caked with blood and dirt
Chromium kneecaps connect with groins
Oil bleeds down their anodized loins

Death Orgy 9000
Big Daddy Don Garlits!
Tractor pull!
Egg toss!

Zealous fans throw burning trash
Rubber parts char into chunks of ash
Slave pots towing ruined limbs
And the children's choir sings pagan hymns

Death Orgy 9000
Death Orgy 9000
It's all paws and claws out there

The crowd goes still as the lights go red
On ruined girls in a carnage bed
All at once with a searing whine
Dismembered parts start to bump and grind

Oh my god, she's going to get her whole wrist in there!
Yeah, it's a trip
Retaliating with a laser cat scratch!

They start to kiss and you heal the squeal
Of chainsaw teeth on lips of steel
Sparks fly off their gridlocked loins
Finest death sex in Des Moines

I don't believe it she twisted her arm in the flag high onto the ropes winding a dynamic cerebral vertex into a vice crusher hold
Ah, gets her gut-punch in, takes a hemorrhaging lipo-separation crashing to the rodeo floor

Hard-body wrecker slut frottage wars
Shrapnel spectacle, simple core
One day only don't miss this event
Consider your thousand bucks well spent

Once, twice, three times around the black pole into a centerfold triple axel roundhouse lunge!
It's all paws and claws out there

Death Orgy 9000
Yeah, Death Orgy 9000
Wow, circling, circling into a death spiral eye gouge!
That squealing sounds good

Death Orgy 9000

Oh, what a claw drive! It's a maximum hiss slug fest out there! The iron-girl match of the century!

Bring the family
First 3000 patrons get a free cap

It's masturbating terribly now, and it looks like the claw's ready to go into climax strangulation mode! The match is all over! And the claw makes all good in only three rounds!

Kids under 12 are free

Cold blooded

Death Orgy 9000
It's no picnic...

(Anybody out there with tickets to Death Orgy 9000? Over…)

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