"500 Miles" as written by and Tori Ellen Amos....
He walked 300 miles
Just to bring, to bring me bread
His body like a sculpture
Almost decorated

And I'll wake him
As the dawn does
And we'll break in
On the bus
Saying this was
Made for us and love

In lovers' communion
For 500 miles
And in 500 miles
Will he break, bring me again
In lovers' communion
For 500 miles
And in 500 miles
Will we break, even break

Step it up
Grab your phone
Get your suitcase
There's no time to waste
A big adventure awaits

Sad news, France
Suffered a late snow
The blooms break through the ice
In San Francisco
A guitar man finally confessed
He loved that actress
Hearts touched by frost, we fought
In the land of the midnight sun
I lost myself
I lost myself

I walk 300 miles
Just to bring, to bring him bread
In love some gifts are simple
Of those I am derated
So I wake him as the dawn does
And we'll face what any lovers must
Blueness pales within a flame's lust

In lovers' communion
For 500 miles
And in 500 miles
Will he break, bring me again
In lovers' communion
For 500 miles
And in 500 miles
Will he break
Even break
Will we break, even break
Break, even break
Does love
Don't we

Make life even

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"500 Miles" as written by Tori Ellen Amos

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    My InterpretationI think that much like "Not Dying Today" is about Tori's bond with her bandmates while touring the world, "500 Miles" is about she and her husband during that same time. That as much as she's with "the boys" on the tour, her husband is there, and she loves him, and they share that time together as husband and wife just the same. His walking 300 miles to bring her bread is a gesture of affection, possibly one she dismisses slightly at first, but finds he "breaks" her of her dismissive attitude.

    The second verse / middle section is a series of "snapshots" they see along the way, culminating with a big fight "In the Land of the Midnight Sun." She "lost herself" during that fight -- she was in the wrong.

    So to make up for it when she realizes it, she walked 300 miles to bring HIM bread this time. "In love, some gifts are simple, others I underrated." She didn't hold so much stock in his offering until she herself realized the simple gesture means a lot. So they'll wake the next day, and they'll deal with their rough patch like "any lovers must."

    "Blueness pales within a flames lust" A small flame will have a bit of blue in the center, but as it grows, the blueness pales. The fire comes back, they make up. She worries they might break, or even brake, but just the same they ride on, in lovers communion.

    The brake/break wordplay is interesting. I think it relates to several elements of the song -- the breaking of bread, of course -- their lover's communion. But also the idea that he could break her again, that their love could break again, or even brake -- stop completely.
    antisainton May 07, 2012   Link

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