Epileptic seizure in the back
Of a red capri and you're tossing me the keys
Let's ride it out
Feed the freak his medicine
And drive it out
Wander the new romance
Wander the new romance
Shaka Zulu

Stick your penitentiary clothes
In a furnace vent, it's a dead eye castanet
And ride it out
Crash test intermission path
Ride it out
Cuz I'm one of the most wanted
One of the most wanted
Shotgun three beers

What goes on behind magician's capes?
It's polite to stare when the killer's in the electric chair
He will ride it out
Cushioned by his one last meal
An 8 oz. steak
All the cola he could drink
Invoke the apparitioner (x3)
Invoke the apparition now!

Unprotected by a cyclone fence
And a hurricane door and a tornado alarm
The weather man's?
Safest house on the block of safe houses
Decorate the alley way (x5)

Epileptic seizure in the back
of a red Capri, will you please toss me the keys?
And drive away
Feed the freak his medicine
And drive away
Wander the new romance (x3)
Shotgun don't stick

Shhhaaaa-shine! Ah ah ah ah ah ah.

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