"Seven Thousand Miles for What?" as written by and Jaxin Hall Shayley Bourget....
Since when did you become so cold,
And such a life-less piece of work?
I can't take the sound of you anymore,
Or the thought of you.

Don't worry,
Take what you need,
I left you and your dying breed.
But before we forget,
When the lights burn out,
Don't come home crying to me.
I will,
Surrender myself,
For the better health,
Of someone who really cares.

Why would you throw it away so fast?
It's gotta' get better than this,
Too hard for too long,
I'm holdin' on,
Try to go but it just don't feel right.
This light,
Your eyes,
I'm easy.
I should've known better by now,
But you look so,
Damn good.

Go get your black dress baby,
And put your dancin' shoes on [x2]

I swear to God,
My intentions were gold,
I swear to God,
My intentions were,

Run away,
From your mistakes.
Just like the ones you hid from me.
Why can't you see that,
I was expecting this all along?

The road is long,
Where's the light?
I'm tired of walking alone.

I hope you know,
I hope you know,
I left you long before you left me [x2]

Time's up.

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"Seven Thousand Miles for What" as written by Valentino Arteaga Austin Robert Carlile

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Seven Thousand Miles for What? song meanings
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    Song MeaningI believe this song is about a guy and his girlfriend. They had a good relationship at first, but she took him for granted like he was nothing. They still dated and the guy saw the relationship dying, but tried to hold on even though he knew he deserved to be treated better. There wasn't any connection left emotionally so he tried to hold on to the only thing left which was physical attraction hence the lyrics "the light, your eyes, I'm easy...but you look so damn good"
    He finally realized how much time he wasted (the road is long....im tired of walking alone) and plans to leave her so he gives her another chance to impress him which is why he says, "go get your black dress baby and put your dancing shoes on"
    "i hope you know I left you long before you left me" is saying he saw this coming for a while & "times up" he finally leaves
    so basically he wouldve treated her really well but she took it for granted and she will regret it after he leaves.

    xo hope that's a helpful interpretation :)
    rowZon November 10, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI love austin's screaming, and this song is incredible for pure anger. >=)

    but another song he did that's perfect for break up's was with attack attack, called party foul. >.<
    roflcopterSRXon July 24, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis Song is amazing
    but in a way it reminds me like its
    still Attack Attack.
    But It is still brilliant.
    gethxcon March 23, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationWow
    Austin is really mad
    it seems like a mix of anger/hate to attack! attack!(is old band which he got kicked out of) or possibly an ex girlfriend
    its a perfect song to listen to when youre mad
    when my girlfriend broke up i couldnt stop listening to it
    the lyrics were perfect for the situation

    sreamobutnotemoon March 31, 2009   Link
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    General Commentahhh i love austin's scream.
    carinaaon November 25, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti dont get this part

    Go get your black dress, baby,
    and put your dancin' shoes on.
    blessthefateon February 17, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti think this is more for an ex girlfriend rather than A!A!.
    its what i first thought of when i listened to it. considering
    "I should've known better by now,
    but you look so damn good"- i guess that could work towards A!A!. but if he were to be going after them id expect something better.

    "Go get your black dress, baby,
    and put your dancin' shoes on."- why would he be saying that to A!A! ?

    just my opinion
    Haven777on February 24, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti love how almost all their songs can be related to the austin/jaxin situation now
    blessthefateon April 05, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    It sux that austin is out of this band but when i saw them he was havin heart surgry or somethin in jerry roush(permanent member now x-Sky eats airplane) filled in and he was aewsome they followed after we came as romans and man that show was the shit.
    aXworldXheldXinXseveredXhandson April 23, 2010   Link
  • -6
    General CommentI'm so glad Austin Carlile is out of this band and every other band hes been in. He's a monotone whiney little bitch. All he has is his girl screech "screams" and that son of a bitch made Jaxin and his fiancee break up a while back and Jaxin had a sign for their tip jar at warped that said "Help me buy my girlfriend and NEW engagement ring." Austin Carlile can suck Jerry Roush's dick cause Jerry blows that douchebag out of the water.
    UOTDWP777on September 01, 2010   Link

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