Was it all in real time
Or was it just in my mind
Or was I just a ghost passing through you?
Clinging to the wreckage
Until I got the message
Hanging at the edge of the room

Give me something to dream
Give me half of your bitterest pill
Something from under the surface
You actually feel

We say these words again and again
But they still sound the same
It was in your eyes, in your eyes
They were just easy lies

The lightest words are heavy
And promises are easy
And no one's ever happy or sad for very long
But just because I said it
It doesn't mean I meant it
I guess that was the way all along

I'm just shaping the sound
I'm just turning the syllables round
Dipping my toe in the water
And watching you drown

We say these words again and again
But they still sound the same
It was in your eyes, in your eyes
They were just easy lies

And it's been a long time waiting
And it's been a lifetime in the making

We said when you are alone and afraid
I will come to your aid
Was it just a dream, just a dream
Or was it real to me

We say these words again and again
But they still sound the same to me
Say these words again and again
And again and again

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Again And Again song meanings
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    General Comment

    I heard that this is the only song on PS that is about Tom -singer- and Tim -songwriter- having issues in their friendship.

    1) You don't care about me anymore, you're doing all you can so that i get the message (that you don't care and you're sick of me) 2) You're just holding yourself, you don't say what you really think/feel and i want you to, even if it hurts me. I basically want to know whats going on 3) We're talking but the words are meaningless, we're not saying what we think or feel and i can see it in your eyes that you're juste lying to me. You're lying because it's easier not to talk about the issues we're having 4) Again, we're saying things but they are lies and we both know it. If you promess me something, i'll be happy but not for long because i knooow that you don't mean it. And neither do i. 5) I try to help you the way i can but it's not enough. You're still downing in your problems. 6) See 3 7) We've built our friendship during so long and now i'm just waiting for us to become the friends we used to be. We used to say that we'd always be there for each other but fuck it's not true while i thought it was. 8) See 3

    organixon October 11, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    i love this song! its so energetic Can't help but notice that in their other song 'love is the end' he sings 'don't say those words', and this song sends out the same message too...

    fulloftwilighton October 11, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    I think this song is about a relationship in trouble. I don't see anything which specifically points to it being Tim and Tom's relationship though.

    "Give me something that's real, give me half of your bitterest pill" This line shows how unwilling the two people are to communicate, all you need is to break the ice, even going easy and only giving "half of your bitterest pill" But it has to be real, something you actually feel

    The chorus is careful to say "we", and even the second time the words "you" and "your" are replaced with "me" and "my" indicating that the problem is not on your end or my end, but on both ends.

    "Promises are easy, and no one's ever happy or sad for very long" This shows that the people are making promises and probably not upholding them as they should be. But no one gets mad, for some reason. It also says that no one gets happy, which can be a sign of the emotionlessness in the relationship. There's no positive.

    "watching you drown" He knows the relationship is going under, but all he can do is "dip his toe in the water"

    "It's been a long time in the making" We spent so much time getting to where we're at, but where are we really? Is this anything to be proud of?

    "We said 'when you are alone and afraid, I will come to your aid" They made a certain commitment when they started this relationship, but...

    "was it just a dream? because it was real to me" It's obviously not been upheld (just like the promises from earlier), but the speaker wants it to be upheld. It wasn't superficial, it actually meant something. And of course, the word "superficial" can be used to describe the "words" which "sound the same, again and again"

    This is a good song. Lyrically it's not my favorite on the album, but I do like the song a lot. Probably my second most listened track after Perfect Symmetry

    MLBfreek35on October 21, 2008   Link

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