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You Haven't Told Me Anything Lyrics

In the cold gray room
One afternoon, one afternoon
What are you gonna do
Having your way
But there's nothing new

You took a beautiful thing
Pull off a wing, pull off a wing
A safety pin
It never shone quite as bright again

But you haven't told me anything
That I didn't already know
No you haven't said a single thing
That I didn't already know

It's a thing I love
Stuck in the mud, stuck in the mud
Stuck in a rut
Am I a piece in your puzzle or
A paper cut

Same time next week
A kiss on the cheek, kiss on the cheek
And say all done
Everything's tied up nice and neat


I feel for you
I really do
Nothing turns out
Like you want it too
No words can mend
This fix I'm in
Hearing those words
That I'll never play
Right between the eyes
I don't feel a thing


No you haven't told me anything [Repeat: x4]

Anyone hearing anything different?
6 Meanings
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I love this song ... Tim said he wrote it for Tom in that time he was in druges things ... touching and lovely song ...

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One of my favorite songs on the new album... but then again I love them all

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Sounds more like...

"Everything I love" rather than "It’s a thing I love" in the third verse after the first chorus.

My Interpretation
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Lyric corrections:

As Sir Brock mentioned, it's "Everything I love" not "It's a thing I love".

Also, "No words can mend / this fix I'm in / give me your WORST I won't even blink" and it's "I hang on your words" not "having your way" in the first verse (how on earth did someone mishear that?!).

On a side note, this song is fucking amazing.

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this song is probably about a couple who has a hard communication. the girl had make a mistake or have a problem, but she didnt want to tell or with her boy. and whenever they're around each other, she always talk about the same things, (But you havent told me anything That I didnt already know), and so it's hard to get to know her. and he told her that he feel for her and he won't even blink if she tell him everything, maybe about her problem or anything else.

hmmm.... it's a good song and the interpretations are all my opinion and what i think it is about.

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i know this isn't what this is about, but i've always interpreted this song as being about someone struggling to see the point of therapy / counselling. the "cold grey" room is the therapist's office, the "same time next week" is the next meeting, and the chorus is about how the protagonist understands their problems and doesn't feel like therapy is doing anything besides pulling up old problems which they already knew about. idk this just seems like it makes sense in my head.

My Interpretation
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