It's Christmas So We'll Stop Lyrics

It's Christmas so we'll stop
It's on with the lights to warm the dark
It can cloak elsewhere
As the rot stops for today
Let the rot stop just for one day
Only good red eyes, red suits, and faces will radiate
And the cold will hide its face
Now the cold is turned away
We can be best friends with the people we hate
'Cause we've all got blood
And it's warmer than you think
Yeah it is warm and it is thick
We all breathe out clouds
We're built to give at least once each year
Now that's better than never I guess
And life might never get better than this
With the perfect excuse for our natures to change
And wear shiny clothes
Oh it's Christmas so press pause and we'll go

Oh it's Christmas so we'll stop
'Cause the wine on our breath puts the love in our tongues
So forget the names
I called you on Christmas Eve
In fact forget the entire year
Don't reflect just pretend and you won't feel scared
You won't feel a thing
'Cause it's all been tucked away
And once you're tucked in bed
You'll hold on to the day for the last few seconds
Your cradledl face is protected from the wind
And I'll protect you I promise I will
And the rest of our lives will be just like Christmas
With fewer toys
You're a good girl I'm a good boy
So I thought

Oh it's Christmas so we stopped
Were it not for the tick of the clock
And the spinning of the Earth in space
We could always be this way
And as we sleep at the fall of the day
In the room next door the tree lights brighten the rodents' eyes
And catches a glimpse of the dust beginning to rise

The next day life went back to its bad self
The next day life went back to its bad self
The next day life went back to its bad self
The next day life went back to its bad self
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Sep 14, 2008
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Scott Hutchison notes: It's Christmas is about people deciding to be pleasant to one another for about a day, regardless of whether or not they actually get along the rest of the year. There's the same fallout after christmas as perhaps a night out where you end up in someone else's bed - the next day, after the drink has worn off and the warm lights are turned off, everything's just as shit as it was the day before and that feeling of comfort disappears. I feel like i have a similar relationship with christmas as i do with booze. Each make me feel nice in a fairly false way, and they are really the only two things i actually spend money on, aside from food. Its also about that total indulgence period, which always comes with the promise that you'll eat less, drink less and spend less really, really soon... always tomorrow. I feel its maybe healthier to live a little more consistently (not that i do), but often humans need excuses to be nice and giving and loving to one another, and Christmas is one of those times, for better or worse. Enjoy

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Grant Hutchison's choir version of this is incredible

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Does anyone else think that this might have something to do with WWI and how the French and Germans stopped fighting on Christmas?

I don't think it was intended to describe that event. But I think you can definitely interpret that meaning.

I think it is hypocrisy to single out just one day to express love for our fellow humans. We should behave in this manner every day. Nevertheless, the fact that there is a day that allows us to forget the misgivings of our fellow man should be celebrated. At least we can get it right 1/365th of the time.

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i think this song is beautiful, either way. i know this feeling, these certain days or occasions, when we're all exempt from the ordinary shit, and we can give ourselves a break, and we can justify simply doing nothing at all, and we all sort of come together and take comfort in the warmth... and, then, suddenly, the day is over, and the next day is the same as any other. when you're in it though, however rare the occasion, it's hard to believe it has to pass... and so fast.

this is my favorite part: in fact forget the entire year don't reflect just pretend and you won't feel scared you won't feel a thing 'cause it's all been tucked away

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My favorite Christmas Song! This and I Believe in Father Christmas by ELP - perfectly sum up my feelings for this holiday.

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