If I don't say this now,
I doubt I ever will;
How long has it been?
I've been at such a standstill
You don't even know,
About these past years
The way I have felt
And all of my fears
I know you, I get you,
Seems like I'm the only one,
Who fully understands;
I just can't bear to be hurt by you,
Oh, please give me your hand...
Don't let her take you in
Just stand with me tonight
I won't let this night end
Look deep inside you
Tell yourself the truth
Is she who you really want?
No, because I’m living proof
That you need me
And want me
I'm the only one
You can talk to
You've told me that yourself
Through all your times of struggle
I was the one there to help…

Oh, right from the start
You stole my heart
And I'm just waiting
For the best part
When we're together
We'll cry, laugh, and love
It is truly a blessing from above
You don't even need to speak
Because a simple glance
Simply makes me weak
But my life won't be complete
Until I'm yours, and you're with me
Can't you see?

This is meant to be
I'm nothing without you
A dying Juliet
I need my Romeo
Before it's too late…

Just give us a chance
I know you've felt it, too
But I am at a loss for words
If only you knew…
I beg of you
To not make this mistake
Please don't give in
To something I know you'll hate
Take a minute to listen
Let the silence answer you
Can't you hear it?
It’s telling you she’s not true
But can we take a step back?
And reminisce on these years;
We know each other all too well,
Through all of our shared tears…
I'd give up forever
To be the one for you
The girl you know in and out
The one you run to
‘Cause I am tired of all this
The mixed messages you send
I need to know how you feel
Before my heart begins to rend…


Funny thing about this,
Is you have no idea;
What is on my mind,
All these emotions I feel
For you,
Your smile,
Your laugh,
And who you are
I just pray you won’t be far

Don't be tricked
Into these little games
You've been hurt too many times
The sadness on your face
Let me be the one
That you spend your life with
Let me be the one
To be in your arms,
A perfect fit
But it will soon be too late
If I don't tell you what I mean
I will have lost you forever
And I'll just be Juliet,
Lost in a tragedy. . .

Don’t let go of this,
Don’t give up
On what we could have,
What we should have
What we both need
It’s truly our destiny
I won’t stop fighting
To show you my true love,
I won’t let anyone take my place,
Enough is enough

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