"Hardwood Pews" as written by and Justin Wayne Ringle....
Stalling, stalling, the hardwood of pews is calling.
We want this news.

Lovely ladies make pretty babies, it's true.
That woman's not you.

Take your body and clothes to places he won't go.
Your life as you know is hopeless, it'll happen too slow.

Oh, she's tricked, she was trapped.
Her body was lacking white and red,
those hues lost in bed.

Oh, they would speak language exacting.
Oh, they would lay, parts practicing.

And through it all he won't call.
Lovely ladies take your beauty to your grave.

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    My InterpretationI can't seem to find suggestions to the meaning of this song online,  though the song really interests me. so I'm going to have a go at trying to decifer a meaning to these somewhat complex lyrics. I think that the first verse is about a calling from God. it suggests that we are stalling, and trying to avoid the calling to the church. 'the hardwood of pews calling' means the real soul of the church (God) calling someone to the church from within. we want this news could refer to the good news that God offers forgiveness and new life through jesus. it also may refer to the good things in a woman's life being found in the church, away from a particular man.  the second verse I think is talking about a woman who is not good. it is saying that he is not lovely; maybe because she is not listening to her calling from God to the church? i think that it might be there is a man she is with that is no good for her and is holding her back and maybe leading her away from faith. the next verse is saying that the lady needs to get away from this man or she will never meet her true self. she will take too much time with him before turning to God. the next verse is the way that the man treated her, it is exposing that he trapped her under false pretenses. basically he is using her. I'm not sure of the meaning of the line about her body lacking red an white? maybe it has something to do with her lacking anger towards him, also he has taken away her purity (in bed). the next verse is about the pretending of the situation and how it is made out to be so perfect. the lady denies his faults. the last verse is saying how he will leave her and will never be there for her.  good ladies (goodness brought on through the church or their partners) will always be beautiful. they will always shine on the inside and out. I'm sorry if this doesn't make much sense; I began with one idea though I found hidden meanings as I approached the ending. I am only 15, so keep in mind anyone who is responding, my understanding of these lyrics could be slightly immature or less intellectual than what they really mean. I would love to hear others point of view. 
    annelieseTMon June 15, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionI could swear he was saying "sexting" a few lines from the end.
    DARRRBBYYYon October 16, 2012   Link

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