Number 1 for the little ones
And 2 for the things I do and 3

Number 1 I got a gun
Number 2 I’m gonna do anything
That’s number 3, that’ll be three strikes for me
And number 4 is liquor, I drink more than you
And my skin’s thicker too
And 5, I got a knife and I’m not afraid to use it
Number 6 I get my kicks from slitting my wrist when I drink a fifth
And number 7 I will never go to heaven
Cause 8 I’m not a saint
And number 9 I read your mind
You’re a fucking snitch, you lie all the time
And number 10 you weren’t listening, so I gotta say it again

I just threw back a gallon of liquor
Mix it with paint it makes your blood thicker
Now I’m a natural born killer
A terminator dressed like Godzilla
You wanna see my pocket protector
You’re cooking me like Hannibal Lector
Well I got something you can eat
So 'bon appetite' you fucking freak
I don’t expect your respect that’s why I gotta protect this
Check this box if you wanna rock with me
Give it a knock and I’ll give you a walky-talkie and some chalk and bottle of sake
A tender box that comes with 3 frogs and 3 dogs and fat hog ready to mate
Yeah he’ll frost your cakes but don’t hesitate
You make your mistakes; I’ll make my mistakes, k?

These days it’s hard to stay sober
Convinced my life will be over soon
I used to like to play red rover
I’m getting sadder as I grow older
And now I’m looking just like Medusa
But don’t stare or I’m gonna goose ya
I’m been sitting here for a week
A phenomenal, a nominal sheik
So let’s make a little sacrifice
I brought the dice and some lice and I’m feeling kinda nice
The blue ice got my head in a vice cause I hit it twice
Hypnotized I’m seeing mice, they’re cooking rice
It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or right
We got the rhymes and some limes and the cuervo delights
Then it lights the fights and bites and burns the kites in turn
Until the weak squirm like they’re little worms

You can fade away or find a place to rest
You know your girl and me we’re lying in the nest
And if you touch her chest, then she’ll undress
She’s not the best, you get a check less
Momma save us, say la vi
Locked out cause shit, I forgot the key
And I skinned my knee, poor me, owee
I’m so sorry, can I have some tea and some honey and a playboy bunny
What, you think that’s funny, give me some fucking me money
And now look, you’re running
You should’ve known that it’d be like that
Stalk you round all day then stab you in the back
Guess it’s first degree when you make a map
I should’ve thought of that before I drained your sap
Wish I could take it back, I wonder where you’re at
Maybe in heaven or 7-11 in the back

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