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Any Kind Of Magic Or Miracle Lyrics

"Again I offer you my life
Lay down my heart at your feet
But if you accept this offering
Some obligations will have to be fulfilled

Remember to worship no other deity
Leave your earth's steady ground
Pledge allegiance to my gravity
To Mother Venus be forever bound"

Three-legged amphibian with coin in mouth
Save me from this wicked dream
Any kind of magic or miracle
I welcome to redeem my being

"You must promise not to invoke the rain!
Through my walls detect just inaudible storms
Even before they are gathering"

Her thoughts have been heard in my words
Now the ivory goddess
Is sitting small on my table
Offering me this heart of clay

It took too long time to decipher their message
Soft heart was trampled in the mud
Storm crushed the ark
Only wreckage to hold on to in the flood

[Lead: Schalin]

Three-legged amphibian with coin in mouth

[Lead: Allenmark, Schalin, Allenmark/Schalin]

[Final leads by Schalin]

Any kind of magic or miracle
Any kind of magic or miracle
2 Meanings
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To those of you who think death metal is all about gore and hating religion, check out this song and prepare to be proven wrong. This song is about the Ch'an Chu, a three legged frog who is the Chinese symbol for wealth and prosperity, and is commonly used in Feng Shui to drive away evil spirits and bring wealth.

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this song is about a fro gthat drinks some beer and gets fucked up lol

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