My Keyboard Guitar Gently Weeps Lyrics

If romance is in the written word,
I'm gonna write down that you're my bird
And if romance is in the unspoken gesture
I'm gonna have to alter my posture

Cause my love for you don't rhyme
No we don't go together like a lemon and a lime
We go together like two people in love

River deep and mountain high,
Cheapen the way that I feel inside
Cause I don't lie awake at night,
With thoughts of river depth and mountain height, no

And I can, I can hear you asking yourselves, you know
"This is all well and good and that,
But Christ, I can't have that all the time"

And, um, I want you to know
That I wanted to say so much more
I wanted to, you know, rename the stars
I wanted to say I loved you very, very much
And sound sincere, not kitsch or twee
But my talents are limited, and
Although, you know
I'm smiling and stupid in a suit

My keyboard guitar gently weeps,
That's all I've got

"So what were you saying just there Eddie?
That everything you've said, and sung to us in the past,
All that stuff about fast cars, and gold watches, and seven scars
All the reinvention, that, you know you were joking or something, you didn't really mean it?"

No, hey, no, no, no, no I'm not saying that at all
I'm just saying that, when you reinvent yourself
Sometimes you have to remember not to reinvent all of it
You know, keep the best bits
Don't sully all your emotions with theatrics
Keep some bits there

"Hmm OK Eddie, but that sounds a bit patronising"

Yeah, alright, look, I'm sorry
It's just that, you know, I find it really hard to write love songs
And I wanted to write one
And that's why my keyboard guitar gently weeps

My keyboard guitar gently weeps
My drum machine gently beats
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Oct 28, 2006
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they've gotta get an album out they owe it to the people. we're so happy we can hardly count.

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its... my TALENTS are limited... seriously, wtf does 'my tides are limited' mean anyway?

eddie obviously hates all the emo bullshit thats about these days... i think they should do a song called 'Fuck the MCR'

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