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Birmingham Lyrics

Face the facts and don't look back

There's a hole in this middle town affair

There's a whole inquest

Like a hole in the rest

That I think I'm going to have to sit in

You're a sleeping bag

You're a rhyming slug

Pressure pressure

Man is sick of chairs

From the heart of the sins above ground

Around here I think I'm Jesus

And I'm sick of all the songs about love

There's a head hunt in Birmingham

We're going to hurry down the same old roads

I'm not going to think that I'm a Jesus

Sorry this and sorry that's the same old bone

Pressure pressure

Fix this kiss this

I'm not sick I'm going to handle this

I'm going to have everything I want to have

I'm going to seed some mean

I'm going to raise a scene

I'm going to raise everything I ever had

I'm not sick I'm going to handle this

I'm going to...
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Sep 26, 2006
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