A pair of shoes
Some old reviews
That you kicked behind the door
A calling card
Is torn apart
And it's wasted on the floor
Some city scene
You're like a preteen
Chasing all the latest news
We're back at home
We fix old radios
Wiping off the dusty tunes

Please, please don't touch
Please, please don't touch

I keep it warm
At thirty-four
Like the way it was before
Your favorite shirt
A little dirt
Builds inside the bedroom drawer
'Cause all the paint
And the stains
All the papers and the fumes
They're all of you
They stay alive
And inside the things we knew

Please, please don't touch
Please, please don't touch

Empty stalls and shopping malls
That we'll never see again
Hotel lobbies like painful hobbies
That linger on
Time compares us, you feel embarrassed
Like you drive your parent's car
On another road, in another road
Kept in a jar

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    General CommentI wouldn't say it's about an lover, for me it's about coming home to an old version of yourself, a younger version that you now don't recognize. so, it's totally introspective.
    hjalmaron May 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTo me it sounds like he just stays home keeping all the belongings and the memories of a beloved person intact just like a mother who loses her child would do. Though in this context it could be any beloved person that died or just a girlfriend that left.
    Pithikoson January 01, 2011   Link
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    General Comment"'Cause all the paint
    And the stains
    All the papers and the fumes
    They're all of you
    They stay alive
    And inside the things we knew"

    What a verse. It's an amazing song, catchy but complex.
    bollywoodtoileon October 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyeah that is the secret weapon of the junior boys, there is so much more to their music than just what it sounds like. it is almost intuitive the way the beats move along, coupled with his voice. anyway, back to the point of all this: to me this song is about coming home to your hometown or whatever after being away for a long time, and seeing things that remind you of the person you used to love when you were younger. as you get older it becomes harder to adapt to new people and you always have this idealized memory of relationships in the past and i think this is like a nostalgia for that.
    paul_bankson April 11, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe "please dont touch" line reminds me of someone clinging to the past or an idea of the past. they have a special memory of something or someone and they dont want anyone to change or talk-down this warm feeling they have. I also get the feeling (mental image) of all the things you leave behind when you go away gathering dust and decaying while you're somewhere else.

    such an amazing song.
    caramelprisoneron October 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe "please don't touch" refrains specifically references the past being like a museum, and using the words of museum placards ("please don't touch") to both draw reference to the past as an archive and to the fact that the past should be left alone so as not to cause present pain. Time wounds all heals.

    I think the pronoun usage and the fact that this is one of the songs on their breakup record suggests that this is remembering a lover's house. That said, at times it does seem like he's talking to a younger version of himself, a self he can't access anymore but to rhapsodize at a distance so as not to cause himself too much pain now.
    digitauxon April 26, 2015   Link

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