"Nicest Thing" as written by Kate Marie Nash and Jay Malhotra....
All I know is that you're so nice
You're the nicest thing I've seen
I wish that we could give it a go
See if we could be something

I wish I was your favorite girl
I wish you thought I was the reason you are in the world
I wish my smile was your favorite kind of smile
I wish the way that I dressed was your favorite kind of style

I wish you couldn't figure me out
But you always wanna know what I was about
I wish you'd hold my hand
When I was upset
I wish you'd never forget
The look on my face when we first met

I wish you had a favorite beauty spot
That you loved secretly
Cause it was on a hidden bit
That nobody else could see
Basically, I wish that you loved me
I wish that you needed me
I wish that you knew when I said two sugars,
Actually I meant three

I wish that without me your heart would break
I wish that without me you'd be spending the rest of your nights awake
I wish that without me you couldn't eat
I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep

Look, all I know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen
And I wish that we could see if we could be something
Yeah I wish that we could see if we could be something

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"The Nicest Thing" as written by Kate Nash Jay Malhotra

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    General CommentSums up exactly how I feel right now!
    Sometimes simplicity is the best way.
    Whatsername1251on May 22, 2007   Link
  • +6
    General CommentOh god this song reminds me of a guy I liked so much.
    We talked all the time, he said he loved me.
    Ha, he was always high to.
    I listened to this song 24/7 and cried all the time.

    This song is like the story of our weird 7 month 'friendship'

    It is a little cheesy, but that's love.
    Love can be cheesy, and sweeet.
    And I craved it.
    She's talking about a friend she had, and she liked him so much, but she
    knew he didn't like her that way.
    And she just wishes they could at leaste try.

    I think/
    Ahhtumnon July 14, 2010   Link
  • +5
    General CommentThis song is incredibly beautiful. It explains unrequited love perfectly. That "two sugars" line explains how you want all the really small things because if that person knew that, then it would mean the world to you... or that's what I think.
    dontstaydeadon May 24, 2007   Link
  • +5
    General CommentEven though the lyrics to this song are pretty simple, it just sums up the whole unrequited love thing quite perfectly. It doesn't need complicated metaphors to get the point across.
    I think this song is just beautiful. I loved the live version i heard but the album version is just stunning.
    This song is just too easy to relate to. Can tell its gonna be my song for the next few weeks haha :]
    LiciLibertine.on August 12, 2007   Link
  • +5
    General Comment"I wish that you knew when I said two sugars, actually I meant three"
    ...yeah my favorite line too :P
    minuetteon August 22, 2013   Link
  • +4
    General CommentFinally A Song
    That puts those
    Feelings to words.
    wonderfoolon July 22, 2007   Link
  • +4
    General Commentomg wonderfool i have always wondered is there a song like this out here. feelin a bit the same at the moment and kate gives us this amazing song and WE GET ON BEAAAAAAUTIFUL
    lisa-07on August 08, 2007   Link
  • +4
    General CommentBlatantly honest and beautiful.
    reginaparkeron January 04, 2012   Link
  • +3
    General CommentMarius01 - The "two sugars" line implies that she wishes that he knew her well enough to understand all the little codes and idiosyncrasies of her personality, rather like in a married couple.
    NePason August 27, 2008   Link
  • +3
    General CommentThis song is the definition of my love life. All I want is this one person. I wish all these things for us, I wish I was his favourite, I wish he felt the same, but wishing is all I can do. I absolutely adore this song..♥
    dwearocketon November 21, 2011   Link

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