if it was up to me, id enver look both
wasy before crossing the street
if it was up to me, i'd never wear my
seatbelt, and i'd probably still speed
if it was up to me, i never would have
smild in any pictures
i'd most likely sleep all day,
if i could just relax for a while
so you better come quick

i'm about to do something foolish
if you could be so kind
as to call hte police
i swear this time
it's not jsut for attention
but i also know that you have heard that
from me once before

if it was up to you,
i would never swear around people
i'm suppose to respect
if it was up to you, i'd keep in touch wiht
friends from the psat
even though they never last
if it was up to you,
i'd alwasy say my prayers before i ate
and before i went to sleep
if it was up to you, i'd be happy and i'd
write songs that made you happy too
i can't seem to care much for these things
that you call life
so you better come quick

i'm about to do something foolish
if you could be so kind
as to call the police
i swear this time
it's not just for attention
i don't want the topic to change
i couldn't ever tell you, to your face
that i've only been pretending
to enjoy this place
it's all been make believe
and it's mostly in my head
the problem is only guess
where we go when we finally rest
will it be better than where we are now
still i'd like to believe
it's better than here
better than where we are
better than here

we've forgotten what we're here for
or maybe we never knew
if a simple life is what we want
why are we so confused?
cause we all want a happy ending
but we're tired of children's books
we're tired of feeling useless
and we're tired of dirty looks
i swear we used to feel things
or at least we cried real tears
we used to say i'm sorry
but we haven't now for years
so forgive us of our sings
let us die in peace
so we never have to choose

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    General CommentTook their live show to realize that this song is about suicide... pretty obvious though lookign at it now.
    silverprodon October 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentDefinately about suicide! Without a doubt. The person is so depressed that they can't take life anymore and even though they have talked about commiting suicide before this time they truly mean it because they feel like life is so bad, that where ever they go when they die must be better than life. The person is mostly depressed because of others in the world, cause they feel like no one understands why we are here and that everything is fake.
    danielle_daBOMBon March 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is exactly how I feel. I'm going to do something foolish. It's only a matter of time.
    shadowkats3on April 15, 2010   Link
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    itssadriannaon March 20, 2012   Link

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