And you said it would be funny
to keep me hanging in suspense,
then I'd run over to your house
and I'd scale the chain link fence
that, borders your back yard
and that I'd climb through your window
and I'd whisper that I love you
as you fall out of your clothes

And we'd lay there in the darkness
like the dream of you I had
where we captured all the fireflies
and we knew what time we had
could be counted on our finger tips
that almost made you cry
you let me hold you tightly
as we said all our goodbyes

may I say I loved you more
may I say I loved you more

and It must have been an hour
that I clutched you in my arms
and I must of said the the right things
because you instantly felt warm
and you heard my heart stop beating
and you wanted not to cry
as your sympathetic whispers
they told a tale of bad goodbyes

and you swore you say me laughing
and I swore I saw you smile
and this time we spent together
has got to last us quite awhile
as I take this piece of you with me
I'll carry it to my grave
knowing that for someone you're an angel sent to save

(Keep breathing my angel, if you go down I go down with you)
may I say I loved you more
(keep breathing, just keep breathing)
may I say I loved you more

lets drink to the memorys that we shared
down one to all the hopes and cares
heres too for being unaware, that your gone
because before too long you'll be a memory

lets drink to the memories that we shared
(before too long you'll be a memory)
down one to all the hopes and cares
(because before too long you'll be a memory)
heres too for being unaware
(I said before too long you'll be a memory)
that your gone
I said before too long you'll be a memory

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    General Commentok,
    this is just my take on it
    cause when i apply a recent relatioship to this it makes sense

    i think the song is talking about a couple that really loved each other, but somethign happened, maybe rust was lost or something, idk... but they had to break up and neither of them wanted to...they just knew they had to.... so theyre kind of like, spending their last night together... and like, having a happy tiem ONE last time before its all over, and hes saying that hes upset but he knows he has to go....and hes saying that he knows that shes going to be someone esles true love someday.....but hes still mad at her for having to do it... and hes trying to forget about it... probably gettin drunk, as he thinks about the last happy memory they had
    c-man1590on November 03, 2006   Link

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