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Don't Stop...Rodeo!! Lyrics

The game now I understand, that we always... take the beating.
She swallowed both these fists she wrote a list,
Of everything we simply must enjoy.
There's no consequence at all.
She's painting pictures of what makes her dreams come true,
In watercolour, in watercolour grey.
Cut the chord, not the noose, we'll kick the stool from under you
(I'll take the beating)
We are the womb and the world and the dirt,
Let's pretend to make a resolution,
And for one second it feels like...
It feels like tantric suicide, hell yeah,
And we always... Take the beating
And we're leaving echoes in the stain (Rodeo crew clap here)
Let's rodeo 'till the break of dawn, yeh let's go! Ow!
As soon as I could leave,
I came back to you,
And I search.
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