Forgotten in his reich of shadows
Banned forever
One thought
The lord of the evil
Was given name and place of the seventh sea
Shelter of the seventh key
Who was betraitous?
I guess You know
There would be more than one name to name
Now he whose name is many searches for the one
The one strong enough to survive
As his terrestrial hand
Enticement and promise will crown the king
A puppet on a string
For a thousand years
So they sing

Wouldn't it be nice to plunder with your eyes
Whatever there's for you to see
Is yours to be
Let me be there
Just tell me You don't care
Just say You came here after life
However high the price
I know your secrets
I know it all

I know your secrets
I see them hidden with our light
I am your sickness
Hiding You right behind your lies
Don't try to kill me
I cannot die I guess You know
You and I will be
Heaven above and hell below

Brother [harsh voice]
Release me [women's choir]
Father [harsh voice]
Foresee me [women's choir]
Brother [harsh voice]
Believe me, perceive me [women's choir]

[Andi (1)]
Time will be a turning wheel
Whichever will torn
Time will be a toy
Time we will enjoy
Say You want to live forever
Mindless one day
Say You will obey
And I

[Band as choir (1)]
I will show
I will show
I will show no light of dawn
And I will show
I will show
I will show no fright at all

Wouldn't it be nice to reign until you sigh
Whatever there's attracting You
We'll give this turn to you [harsh voice]
Let me be there
Just say You want to share
The power no one will withstand
Just be my human hand

I know your secrets
I know it all

[Band as choir (1)]
[Solo 1]
[Women's choir (1)]
Don't release us now he sees us
No illusions, executions
The damnation, the annihilation
The non-stopping celebration
Don't release us now he sees us
No illusions,

Executions !
[Andi & harsh voice (1)]
We're a king for a thousand years
We are a king of million tears
We're the ones who bring desire by the greed and fears
We're a king of fallen men
We are keepers of the damned
through the hoping to obsession
We're the king
We're the king for a thousand years

Angels of fire
aeon of darkness fear and hate
Wake up my preachers
Stand up you're bringer of the sate
no one can kill us
We cannot die I guess one knows
Mankind is sleeping
My victim You'll be buried so close

I know your secrets
I know it all

Goodbye sorrows [Men's choir]
Follow me You have to return the key
Release me [Mixed choir]
Believe me [Mixed choir]
Goodbye sorrows [Men's choir]
Remember Boy you'll have to [...]
Goodbye sorrows [Men's choir]
Follow me You have to return the key
Conceive me [Mixed choir]

[Andi (1)]
[Band as choir (1)]
[Andi & harsh voice (1)]
We're a king for a thousand years

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The King for a 1000 Years Lyrics as written by Markus Peter Grosskopf Andreas Deris

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    Song Meaning

    I think he's talking about drugs in this song. The 'line' that he mentions in this song and other songs could be a line of cocaine or something similar. He says he was a king under its control because of how it made him feel so in control of everything and it gave him so much power in his head, but he knows it's also destroying him and he wants to stop using it. He says 'All that I've compromised to feel another high' shows that he knows the consequences of whatever drug it is but he compromises that to 'feel another high'. The dreams mentioned in the lyrics 'I dreamed you dreamed of me' could also be drug induced. 'Is it worth the price' can show the cost of drugs. 'I need to feel like you've let me go' shows how he wants to move on from it but he can't because of the addiction. 'I've had to break myself to carry on' and 'They say it's easy to leave you behind, I don't want to try' could show how difficult it is to quit once you start using drugs, because of the withdrawal and difficulty to function normally. Most people say this song is about an abusive or destructive relationship which could also be true, but I think that the lyrics can be taken more literally. A lot of Y

    georgia.won December 29, 2015   Link
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    General Comment

    Amazing song! The parts just connect well and the song's flow is perfect.

    Helloween just gets better and better.

    FlashCEon March 14, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    I just heard this song today for the first time. very good. awesome

    metallic slayeron July 13, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    Brilliant!!!! I love Helloween.. but I'm not very familiar with the concept of the first two Keepers albums though I love listenning to them but this song is just amazing... the chorus melody is addictive.. I find myself humming the chorus whatever I go.

    Hail Helloween !!!!

    MMM88on March 14, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    yeah great flow great message great lyric, excellent i love that sentence: Alienation, elimination, chaos, no exoneration No believers, all deceivers, no illusions, executions mainly in the music as a really strong force

    Demanderon January 13, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    I agree, the song does have wonderful flow.

    At first, I thought the song refered to the anti-Christ ruling for Satan, but that isn't the case as that the anti-Christ will rule for 7 years, and Jesus will rule for 1000 following that, and I kind of doubt that Jesus is intended to be the 'evil king'. That said, I imagine this is simply an original fantasy concept meant to tie-in with the loose concept of the keeper of the seven keys (there isn't really an actual plot line, as far as I can tell, just loose references here and there). Doesn't matter though, because it's still a great song.

    Xanofaron March 19, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    "Alienation, elimination, chaos, no exoneration No believers, all deceivers, no illusions, executions."

    Fucking fantastic...! This song is the ultimate "morning therapy."Just put it on in the morning, listen to it, and you're all set to face any day, really... Marvellous!

    I_am_Anteon July 30, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretation

    I'm pretty sure this song is about the Third Reich, AKA Nazi Germany ruled by Adolf Hitler. Why? Just look:

    "Forgotten in his reich of shadows"

    Reich - pretty obvious; there are English words with the same meaning but still they used German word.

    "The lord of the evil"

    So we have evil dude... most people see Hitler as one of the vilest individuals in the human history.

    "A puppet on a string"

    While Hitler was more than a puppet, his 'trusted' advisors and military leaders held a lot of power. They just needed his charisma to inspire common people to fight and die.

    "For a thousand years"

    Hitler promised that Third Reich will last for 1000 years.

    Later in the song there are multiple of references to annihilation, executions, fear, greed, hate and obsession - all of these fit the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler perfectly.

    elcplon June 22, 2012   Link
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    My Interpretation

    Look... I think it's the aftermath of the song "Keepers Of Seven Keys" When the keeper locks the last sea and dethrone the Devil, and defeated he tries to Trick or even conquer him with his offer of power. And the keeper denny the devil and stand still on your promise.

    For real, the evidence that the devil calls the keeper of brother makes me think that in real... The keeper its not Jesus... THE KEEPER CAN BE OR MICHAEL OR GABRIEL! ARCHANGELS OF THE LORD!

    leonardoweon July 12, 2019   Link
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    General Comment

    For me it is cristal clear that he is talking about Lucifer and his demons. \n\n"Forgotten in his reich of shadows\nBanned forever"\n\nLucifer was banned forever from heaven and locked in hell or in the abyss.\n\n"Enticement and promise will crown the king\nA puppet on a string\nFor a thousand years\nSo they sing"\n\n"The damnation, the annihilation" \n\n"Ages of fire - Aeon of darkness, fear and hate"\n\nThe Bible says Jesus will rule a reign with his saints of peace for a thousand years. Some authors argue that this reign will take place on earth, whereas for some others this reign will happen in heaven. In this case, one might argue that, while Jesus reigns in heaven, Lucifer will reign on earth. A reing of chaos, as depicted in the song. An Aeon of darkness.\n\n"Wouldn\'t it be nice to plunder with your eyes\nWhatever there\'s for you to see\nIs yours to be\nLet me be there\nJust tell me You don\'t care\nJust say You pay me after life\nHowever high the price\nI know your secrets\nI know it all"\n\nIt is the ultimate temptation: to do as you will, as you desire, to be free "to plunder", was mentioned in the song; but most people fear the condemnation for their sins, so he points out: just pay me after life. And he claims to know your secrets, and he is right. Lucifer is always behind you to try to make you fall.\n\n"Release me"\n"Just be my human hand"\n\nAs Lucifer and his demons are locked in the Abyss, your human hand can be useful to free them, for example, with magic, sacrifices and rituals, to help them bring their reign of darkness and chaos. \n\n"Just say you want to share\nA power no one will withstand"\n\nAnd Lucifer tries to manipuate you by means of promesing you a power no one will withstand.

    Yohanbaronion December 29, 2021   Link

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