"The Blues" as written by and Tim Foreman Jon Foreman....
The static comes in slow
You can feel it grow
Our stream of conscience flows
Under the streets below

The rivers made of sound
Still running underground
Runs like a silent flood
We run as thick as blood

Can you hear it rise
Up from the ground?
Can't drown it out
Can you hear it now?

This is the sound
Of a heartbeat
This is the sound
From the discontented mouths
Of a haunted nation

We are the voice of breaking down
Can you hear me?

This is the sound
Of the desperation bound
By our own collision
We are the voice of breaking down

The static comes alive
Beneath the broken skies
John Perkins said it right
Love is the final fight

Let it rise above
Rise above
There is no song
Louder than love

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"The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues)" as written by Tim Foreman Jon Foreman


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    General CommentI think Switchfoot does an amazing job intentionally weaving in meaning into their rockin'-out songs. Take "Blues" for instance. It's about the end of the world, as we know it. John Foreman wrote it at a New Year’s Party. The song is titled ‘blues’, and it sounds like a depressing song. Slow and melancholy. I think it’s a pretty accurate reflection of life. Any words that says, "Line #:..." is commentary. Mind you, this is coming from a strong Christian perspective.

    1 Is this the New Year, or just another night?
    2 Is this the new fear, or just another fright?
    3 Is this the new tear, or just another desperation?

    Line 1: What’s makes a night (or day) special? Is it when you’re partying?
    Line 2: Scary movies, terrorism, economic downfall, break-ups, etc.
    Line 3: Depression, anxiety, desperate situations leading to desperate people.

    4 Is this the finger, or just another fist?
    5 Is the kingdom, or just a hit and miss?
    6 I've missed direction, most in all this desperation

    Line 4: When people point their fingers in accusation, or shake their fist in anger.
    Line 5: For all those people who live in this earthly world thinking that it’s the final destination. It’s not.
    Line 6: When you act out desperately, you are prone to bad decisions, taking you down the wrong path.

    7 Is this what they call freedom?
    8 Is this what you call pain?
    9 Is this what they call discontented fame?

    Line 7: Living a life with no rules; anarchy; legalism; promiscuity; socialism; etc The world’s philosophies have their notions of freedom. I wonder if they leave us in even more bondage.
    Line 8: For all of us who live in middle-class suburbia, fake friendships, thinking that the world has ended if they can’t buy that 60” HDTV. The truth is, we don’t know what true pain is if we don’t live sacrificial lives.
    Line 9: Maybe this is the point at which we realize that all we’ve put our hope in, is unfulfilling.

    10 It'll be a day like this one,
    11 When the world caves in
    12 When the world caves in
    13 When the world caves in

    Line 10: This day, is Judgment Day; the day when Jesus will come back; when the world will be remade. God doesn’t discard the world like trash. He remakes it. Heaven descends to earth. We will be given new bodies, because God respects and dignifies every part of our being.
    Line 11: It will be a disaster...but a disaster of the best kind.

    14 I'm singing this one, like a broken piece of glass,
    15 For broken arms and broken noses in the back
    16 Is this the new year, or just another desperation?

    Line 15: I don’t really know what he’s referring to, but I can guess that whatever it is, it’s not whole, complete, or healthy. There’s something lacking, injured. It’s raises doubts.

    17 You push until you're shoving,
    18 You bend until you break,
    19 Do you stand on the broken fields where your fathers lay?

    Line 17: The university curve, the corporate world, all those people who strive for success.
    Line 18: It’s talking to all those who cut corners, let things slide, sweep it under the rug; in essence, you lose your integrity, bending the rules, until they’re broken. Bending over backwards under social peer-pressure.
    Line 19: For all those who stand on the graves of their ancestors, possibly in depression or fear. Either they miss their parents, or they want to honor them too much.

    It'll be a day like this one,
    When the world caves in
    When the world caves in
    When the world caves in

    When the world caves in,
    When the world caves in,
    When the world caves in

    20 There's nothing here worth saving,
    21 There's no one here at all,
    22 Is there any net left, that could break our fall?

    Line 20: Riches, furniture, nice cars, a nice job; if you truly look at it, the only thing worth saving is your soul, and the souls of others.
    Line 22: Like a circus act, we’re walking on a tight rope. We trust in certain safety-nets to catch us if we fall.

    23 It'll be a day like this one,
    24 When the sky falls down,
    25 And the hungry and poor and deserted are found

    Line 23: A Christian’s safety-net is our eschatological hope, the Parousia.
    Line 24: When Heaven comes to earth.
    Line 25: When all of God’s people are revealed. All three of these could apply to physical and spiritual realms.

    26 Are you discontented?
    27 Have you been pushing hard?
    28 Have you been throwing down, this broken house of cards?

    Line 26: There should always be a godly discontentment. We don’t belong in this world. All those men and women who did the most service in this world were people who hoped most fervently for the next.
    Line 27: Are you studying and working until exhaustion, pressured by the system, and you don’t know why?
    Line 28: Have you been building up a dream that you found was so fragile and shaky?

    29 It'll be a day like this one,
    30 When the world caves in,
    31 When the world caves in,

    Line 29: The Parousia, the Second Coming, will be like the New Year’s Party that Switchfoot was at. It’s not going to be solely a catastrophe; it’s going to be a celebration! Isn’t that a revolutionary thought?

    32 Is there nothing left now?
    33 Nothing left to sing?
    34 Are there any left now, who haven't kissed The Enemy?

    Line 34: No sure clue what he’s talking about here.

    35 Is this the new year, or just another desperation?


    36 Does justice ever find you?
    37 Do the wicked ever lose?
    38 Is there any other song, to sing beside these Blues?

    Line 36: Yes.
    Line 37: Yes.
    Line 38: See, you thought this song was a depressing blues song. It sounds like one. The lyrics are introspective and deceptively melancholy.

    39 And nothing is okay,
    40 Till' the world caves in,
    Till' the world caves in,
    Till' the world caves in,
    Till' the world caves in,
    Till' the world caves in,

    Until the world caves in,
    Until the world caves in,
    Until the world caves in,
    Until the world caves in,
    Until the world caves in,
    Until the world caves in...
    Line 40: The song is deceptive because it’s NOT depressing. It’s actually very hopeful. Injustice will meet its end. The righteous will be victorious over the wicked. The end will be glorious, and our Lord will be our Glory.
    “Blues” is a masterpiece. Most of the song is asking questions; except when they’re talking about the Hope...when the world caves in. The song’s lyrics and even its monotonous rhythm imitate everyday-life. All of its questions, doubts, and frustrations; day-in, day-out. But in the midst of all that, Switchfoot offers us another safety-net, another destination, another freedom.

    jal007on April 29, 2009   Link

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