Nothing left to feel
Nothing more to do
Nothing left to give
Nothing more in you
Nothing else to have or hold
Nothing left, but time to go
Time to go
Years go by
Didn't really say that much at all
And moments just fly
Didn't ever really touch at all
Weeks always run down
Didn't really get that close at all
And days, days fall out
Didn't ever really know at all
And then we're here in a room too clean and too bright
She stares at you for an hour
You stare into the light
for one last hour in the room
So mean and so white
I stare at her in this room as she stares into the night
Nothing left to feel
Nothing more to do
Nothing left to ask
Nothing more of you
Nothing else to share or show
Nothing left but time to go
In his eyes as we turn no eternity of life
In his eyes as we turn no infinity of why
In his eyes as we turn no beautiful goodbye
In his eyes as we turn... NOTHING BUT TEARS
In his eyes as we turn... NOTHING BUT TEARS
(Robert talks in a low voice:) I couldn't understand too much of what was being
said, in a matter of minutes,

peacefully so slow, I had to think to breath, my heart burst, we moved in
silence really slowly away from the world,

as we drove a strange silence, that moment, nothing will ever be the same,
nothing will ever be the same, nothing

will ever be the same
Days fall out
Weeks always run down
Moments just fly
Weeks go by
And then were here
And then we're here in a room too clean and too bright
I stare at you for an hour
You stare into the light
For one last hour in the room so mean and so white
You stare at me in this room as I stare into the night
Nothing left to feel
Nothing more to do
Nothing more to take
Nothing more from you
Nothing else to need or know
There's nothing left at all...but time to go

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This Morning Lyrics as written by Douglas James Falconer John Melville Lee Archer


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    General Comment

    it is a gorgeous song... im not sure what its about... i was hoping other people would know abit more about it.... it makes me cry though. roberts voice is so moving.... its just beautiful

    Imaginaryboyon November 18, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    When a loved one is murdered and suddenly taken, I can't begin to describe how powerful this song is. It took me over a year to listen to it again and so much of it rings true.....a room too clean and too bright....where the autopsy is done. And the title "This Morning"...yeah I found out that morning and still I'm mourning. And quite often it feels as if there's nothing left to do but go.

    Mrwolfabqon December 06, 2011   Link
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    General Comment

    I am honored 2 B the 1st to comment on this awesome, fantastic, and beautiful song. I guess it's very rare so not too many of you have heard it. If you want it, provide an email, I'll sure send it your way.

    Booslhamon January 13, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    i think its about a relationship thats come to an end, a relationship that 2 people kinda got pushed into for some reason or another, and after all these years they realise that they dont know eachother at all. they dont love eachother anymore... i dunno.... i cant work out the 'white room' bit...

    Imaginaryboyon November 20, 2007   Link
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    this song is about relationship that has lasted a long time and then only converted in habit they can only say "Nothing left to feel "

    MajorTomSmithon October 07, 2016   Link
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    General Comment

    I think this could be about the last meeting with a dying person (a relative?) in a hospital room. Maybe a couple is visiting this person together and they realize that this is the end in all its bitter meaning: there is nothing you could ever do about it.

    If I am right this could easily be one of the darkest songs of this great great group!

    uniomysticaon March 27, 2018   Link
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    General Comment

    Obviously this song is about a dead relationship. There was nothing left but to look at the hands of the clock that went on and on. The main thing here is the death of the relationship, and in the end they do what they should have done - cut the relationship. This parting takes place in a sterile room (maybe a double therapist room) and with it they separate. They stare at each other, for the last time, without feeling. In the end, there's optimism here, is not it?

    eranir22on February 13, 2019   Link
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    General Comment

    I actually prefer the instrumental version because I’ve never really got on a handle on the lyrics and I think the sung version needs a bit more breathing space.

    Perhaps, to understand the lyric we need to remember which album it is on. The answer of course is some versions of the 2004 album The Cure. Why is that important? One of the ideas they tried on that album was including songs which explicitly referenced back to previous albums. Thus ‘Alt.end’ clearly references back to Seventeen Seconds- the guitar riff at the beginning links back to In Your House and the lines about ‘It’s not a case’ make us think of Play for Today. The song Us or Them links back to the Kiss Me album as it shares some lyrical content with The Kiss.(the bit where he swears). This Morning is clearly the reference back to Pornography. Stylistically, it is reminiscent of that album. The lyrical references about the clean white room suggest a reference back to One Hundred Yesrs. Perhaps, the idea lyrically is that the song doesn’t actually have a meaning. One Hundred Years was written through Stream of Consciousness and doesn’t really have a meaning. The same might be said of this.

    SkaSongon December 07, 2023   Link
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    General Comment

    A song about an elderly person dying.

    At the start of the song we are given a portrayal of an ageing man's life: they feel they have nothing more to give, no purpose and have lost touch with loved ones. There is a dull inevitability to the passing of time.

    Then the man get taken to hospital to die ('a room too clean and too bright'). Whilst they are there, they are visited by a couple (presumably an adult child and their spouse). There follows an awkward hour of staring as no one knows what to say. In the dying man's eyes, they see no hope of an afterlife but nothing but tears. Early the next morning they receive a call to say that their relative has died.

    SkaSongon May 14, 2024   Link
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    My Interpretation

    'This Morning' is possibly the most depressing song The Cure have ever written.

    As I understand the lyrics, an interpretation would go like this:

    At the start of the song, there is an elderly man whose life is without purpose because he has nothing left to feel and nothing left to give. His family have largely lost contact with him. His life is just a series of calendar days passing and the realisation that it is 'time to go'.

    Then he gets taken to hospital to die (a room too clean and too bright). Whilst he is there, he is visited by a couple who come to spend his last hours with him but there is an awkward silence as no one knows what to say. I assume that the woman is his daughter and the man his son-in-law. I make that assumption on the fact that the woman stares at the old man whilst the man stares at the woman. After an hour, the couple leave but as they turn away they see the sadness in his eyes, as he contemplates his future, where there is 'no eternity of life'. There is no beautiful goodbye.

    In the early hours of the next morning, the couple receive a phone call to say that he has passed away- it was quick and peaceful.

    But then the whole cycle of ageing continues, The days fly by for the couple and they lose their purpose, It is now the younger man in hospital awaiting his death, whilst his partner stares at him. The cycle of decline and death,

    SkaSongon May 20, 2024   Link

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