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Friday Afternoon Lyrics

We've dug our graves under separate candlestick tonight,
The moon separates the seas
From you and me and sleep
And we curse weep till we curse the same god
There's a crack in the ceiling it breaks
Like a neck in my heard and hard goes tumbling down
We go downtown to the river flow
Near the bloodshed in the soulyard you and me,
Tonight we can gather up all the dust and spirits wail,
Fling them into flimsy walls
And fall, then we can burn down love's lonely furnace,
Watch as it smolders and we expire.
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This is about a woman who has just broken up with her bpyfriend (or vice versa) and is now desperately wanting to be made love to, and even though she still can't stand him, she's bored to death, and realizes that they're both "digging their graves under separate candle light" (maybe a reference to self-gratification).

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