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Once afraid of doors that tell stories of the other side, we stepped through. Now, what is in a glance back? Wrists bound to the very ground I laid beneath me, promises the sky that my knees could not keep. We moved beyond. Memories let me know that these are the days that were, and these are the days that are. If I could close my hands around them then they wouldn’t get away from me, not like the others did, the others which faded away. But I can’t, not me. “Send my regards to the days well spent, to another in the past. Send my regards to the days to come, days who will follow the path.” And the words fell from his lips “that the horizon seemed closer than ever” as they sun set over all our heads only to rise again, but always with a difference face. Moments will come and fade away, but as long as we never forget, we won’t… not us. “Send my regards to the years well spent, this one is for me. Send my regards to the years to come, this time we will lead.”
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May 16, 2005
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