"Mind's Mirrors" as written by and Tomas/thordendal Haake....
The feeding frenzy of my starving soul, gnawing voraciously at the bones, the exo-skeletal patchwork protecting my own reflection within
The twin-and-same engaged in the mirrored act of chewing away at the shell of my attacking self. The paradox unseen

Treacherous this deceit to make no choice matter
To have and yet lose yourself until finally all reasons why are forgotten
To live through ones own shadow, mute and blinded is to really see
Eclipse the golden mirror and the reflection is set free

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"Mind's Mirrors" as written by Jens Kidman Fredrik Thordendal

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    Song Meaning"I once described the computer as a second self, a mirror of mind. Now the metaphor no longer goes far enough." (Sherry Turkle, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, page 16).

    I don't know if Tomas or Mårten (as they wrote all Catch 33 lyrics, supposedly) are familiar at all with the work of the aforementioned woman, but once I read her description of the terminal machine, my view on this track changed in a radical manner: the robotic voice -matched melodically to Sum's ending- says it all. And it makes complete sense when you think calmly about the contradictions involved in the use of this powerful tool (much better analyzed in Turkle's books): loner people having hundreds or thousands of deplorable social connections with complete strangers that don't really care about each other, devices chaining humanity up with unstoppable, useless entertainment flows, easy access to sensitive private data, etc., when everyone tends to ignore the dark side of the "golden mirror" and speaks loudly and only about the benefits; "The paradox unseen".

    I seriously doubt that someone would come to read this, but you and me absolutely know how easy it is to get lost into the screen for hours without convincing reasons to do so, disguising in multiple alter egos, avoiding the issues that TRULY matter; "To live through ones own shadow, mute and blinded, is to really see".

    Anyway -and ironically-, I just threw my two binary code cents here, wasting considerable time editing them the least worst possible way, and nothing else. Last but not least, the lesser time (please forgive me if I'm gramatically wrong) you spend in front of a computer/cellphone/tablet/, the better: "Eclipse the golden mirror... and the reflection is set free".
    Dieguinccion March 23, 2017   Link

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