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The Switch Lyrics

let me tell you about i guy know
with 2 more drinks he'll hit the floor
all eyes are on her as she walks through the door
with a black mini-skirt and stiletto heals on
a low cut shirt, and a see through thong
she'll quickly make her move before too long

--and he didn't know what to do

he's wrapped around her knees
he screams, slow down please
and when the late night comes, she'll be about to come
and he'll just be teased

she walks up with a smile and flirts for awhile
she knows what she wants and she wants it right now
she knocks him out like kung pow
he goes and gets a drink to take a minute to think
but her hands at his waste before he could blink
he had no idea she was such a freak


so now its all over
and he wants to get to know her
cause he cares so much for her
so he just feels lower
she's so hopped up on coke
for her to even know
she gets dress to go
before he could show

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