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Getting Too Know Me Lyrics

I've done some things that I'm not quite proud of
in bad situations, fucked up situations

I've done some things that I'm not quite proud of
in bad situations I thought I'd never get out of
and now what am I supposed to do
to get close to you? everybody knows we're through
it was the moment of truth, and all I did was stare at her
even I was surprised at the display of my true character
I thought I was better than that, that I would have remembered my past
I thought forever we'd last ,and that we'd never look back
whatever we had... is long gone
you're love for me had died, just the swan song had drawn on
thought out all wrong, I shouldn't have thought at all
everytime I try to climb out, I get caught and fall
It's not your fault, it didn't occur to me
certainly it hurts worse to be hurt internally
I wasn't even the first to see the emergency
I'll learn to be a better person while burning for eternity
jesus loves me? you mean hes heard of me?
that's funny, you think he'd at least have the courtesy,
to let me know what's going on, when I don't know what's going on...

I've done some things that I'm not quite proud of
not just moments of weakness, though I'm sure that's how they sounded
my reactions can be childish actions
calling names like it's going out of fashion
whatever happens, I probably won't apologize
too afriad to eat my words (more like swallow lies)
I pretend I'm all surprised, when the shit hits the fan
I give what I can, understand that I've been in the jam
since I've been livin and damn, I wanna do the right thing
heroes are strong, and being weak can be frightning
life brings nice things, and I don't wanna share
I think I'm a dink, but I don't wanna care...

I don't give to charity, I never tip waitresses
and I gaurantee I'm selfish in relationships
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Mar 07, 2005
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