She's Pulling Out The Pin Lyrics

She's pulling out the pin
That lets her hair fall down
She shakes her head and
It goes tumbling
Her smile was out of place
So she swept it off her face

Let me find the words and say them
Like some softly whispered Amen

As she starts to pull away
And the lights begin to dim
Is she thinking of me
Or is she thinking of him
She's pulling out the pin

She's slipping off the hook
Unbuttoning her dress
There's just enough to make some man a mess
She tears away the veil
With her fingernails

She came out high and kicking
While the band played "Hey good looking"
Do you hear something ticking

Did somebody tell her
You can really be redeemed
Could she actually be
As desperate as she seems
She's tearing at the seams
She's going to extremes
Nobody told her it was a sin
So she's pulling out the pin

She's taping up her hands
Just as a boxer will
They started laughing
But if looks could kill
She'd take them down right now
She's covering her mouth
With someone or without
There's nothing more to say
This is her wedding day

Full of shattered glass and mayhem
Not one softly whispered amen

She's knocking down some doors
And the smoke begins to fill
Where the world without her ends
And the next one begins
She's pulling out the pin
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Jan 23, 2005
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[Does "mean" mean "interpretation" or, does it mean "carry significance to you personally"? I haven't seen anyone clarify.]

I haven't checked, but the album insert (that has the lyrics, production info, photos, credits, etc.) will have the name of characters at the top of the lyrics. These tell who is involved. In The Delivery Man most of the songs concern and tell the story of four characters: Abel, Ivy, Vivian, and Geraldine.

The "She" that's "Pulling Out the Pin" could be either Ivy, Geraldine, or Vivian. It has to be Vivian. Vivian is the one who "talks like the beauty she never was/ And the wild nights that she never had".

But it could be about the other females, and their plight into lust, wanton-ness, seduction, and rage ("she's taping up her hands/Just like a boxer will", "She's knocking down some doors", "Full of shattered glass and mayhem").

We'll just have to check that album insert. If anyone out there has said resource...

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