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By Your Side Lyrics

When your lost
I am found
When you slip
I hold my ground
When I fall
Please take a bow
And when you’re up
Just remember I am down

People looking for
Fortune and fame
They don’t know
That it’s all the same
It’s like any other game
You know there’s a loser
But it’s alright

When you feel your heart is breaking
When all your friends are faking
When it’s giving and you're taking
I will be by your side

I’ve been over the hill and back
Survived every kind of attack
It’s been a few years at that
As a matter of fact

Good luck is just good luck
You don’t go hungry if you got pot luck
I’ve been down
But never on my knees
I see the forest for the trees
3 Meanings
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This song is about having someone who you can count on through out your life. It's about the times things aren't going right and you are putting forth the effort but getting nothing to show for in return.At those points in life you almost have to have someone there for comfort and guidance.

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one of the best songs ever made, i love it. It is basically bout that one person who will be with you no matter what.

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i saw this song live last night. IT WAS AMAZING. fucking, fucking amazing.

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