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Omega Blaster Lyrics

you've come back from yosemite
you brought an aromatic cedar bookmark for me
and a brand new stuffed bear
it's summertime, you've cut your hair
and i am leaving you, and i am sorry

you come in through the back door
why're you coming in like that, smiling for?
i've got something i need to tell you
i can feel your smile burning through
and i am leaving you, and i am sorry
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i've never heard this one (does anyone know what album it's from?) but i love the lyrics anyway. judging from the omega in the title and the "and i am leaving you, and i am sorry" that this is the penultimate song of the alpha couple saga, maybe the night before the events of "alpha omega"

It's from "Protein Source Of The Future...NOW!"

I like to think of this as the same story of Alpha Omega, just told from the other person in the relationship.

The one that left.

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