"Apollo's Frock" as written by and Tori Ellen Amos....
Put me back in the cold
I'm going to Antarctica
It feels like these days,
Our old meeting place,
In an LA cafe
Or on the Serengeti,
The hunt has not Begun.
Cause I am tired of you taking from me
And I have let you eat from the fruits of my tree
I am not the one to turn into a Laurel wreath
For the last time you have crossed my line

You could never see
You could never see
Apollo's frock
Was always as beautiful
Always as beautiful as
The saddest rainstorm
Apollo your frock
Was always as beautiful
Always as beautiful
As your sister's
That your light shined on

How can you think you've won
When there can be no winners
The soul has been lost
Of the bow and quiver
Do you remember
Well I remember
Amid the clashing of swords
I'm losing you in my rear view
And I have called the Shekhina in
And the ninefold and a few other friends
You and your predators were warned
If the cubs were drawn in
For the last time you would officially
Cross my line

You could never see
Never see
Apollo's frock

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"Apollo's Frock" as written by Tori Ellen Amos

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    My InterpretationI think this song is also about the transfer of power from a matriarchal Goddess worship base to a Patriarchal monotheist God base. I think the use of the past tense in, "WAS always as beautiful" is important in that Apollo and Artemis were equal and opposite. Neither was greater or more powerful than the other. Then along comes Man and it decides that Apollo is more deserving of worship than his sister and suddenly the balance is shifted. So Tori calls in the Shekhina (the Anima, or female aspect of God) to scold the Church fathers (the "predators) for using their flocks (the cubs) to gain power and wealth. Also, the Shekhina laments the loss of the soul of feminine Mystery (the "soul" of the "bow and quiver," the Virgin Huntress - Artemis, The Moon).

    The first verse seems to be saying that the Hunt exists the same in an LA café as it does on the Serengeti. I think this is an old female archetype sitting down with an old male archetype and re-establishing the rules of combat. The Male has transgressed. He knowingly bombed civilian targets. She's calling him to task. The "put me back in the cold" line could be a reference to being about to boil over with anger at current events. Possibly a Pele reference. And Antarctica is the coldest most desolate place on earth. If you need to cool down in a hurry...accept no substitute.
    TomSkanderon June 05, 2009   Link

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