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People Are Still Having Sex Lyrics

Have you noticed
That people are still having sex?
All the denouncement
Had absolutely no effect.
Parents and counselors
Constantly scorn them,
But people are still having sex
And nothing seems to stop them.

Do you realize
That people are still having sex?
They've been told no to,
Perhaps they are perplexed.
When you see them holding hands
They are making future plans
To engage in the activity;
Do you understand me?

People are still having sex.
Lust keeps on lurking.
Nothing makes them stop;
This AIDS thing's not working.

People are still having sex;
It's been going on for quite a while.
Perhaps it is quite fashionable.
It hasn't gone out of style.

It's a fact that people are still having sex;
It's rather obvious--
It's just what one expects.
The evidence is all around
That everyone in everytown
Has had it at one time or another in their life.

At this very moment,
People are still having sex.
In a downtown condo
Or a street in the projects.
Even though you can't see them
Or hear their breathing sounds,
Someone in this world
Is having sex right now.

People are still having sex.
People are still having sex.
People are still having sex.
People are still having sex.

Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex...
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Jul 04, 2004
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3 Meanings
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LOL i love this song. When I had a stupid dance class at school, my friends and I took snippets of this song out and put it on our final dance. Haha.

Though it should be "Teenagers" instead of "People" at least, it makes more sense in the beginning because of the whole parents and counselors constantly scorn them.

Since Parents and Counselors wouldn't scorn just any adult for having sex.

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yes yes.. but what does it all mean??

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the clue is in "this AIDS thing's not working". it's like if some laboratory technician was singing, as if AIDS was an experiment... despite this curious line, the hole song is really LOL

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