Deadlines, and meetings
And contracts all breached
D-days and structure

Have to's and need to's
And get to's by three
Dinner then flowers
And upset employees

I want to be naked,
Running through the streets!
I want to invite this so called chaos,
That you think I dare not be
I want to be weightless,
Flying through the air!
I want to drop all these limitations
In the shoes upon my feet, oh!

Heart-burn and headaches
And soon to be ulcers
Compulsive yearnings
Non-stop to please others


All won't be lost if I am
Governed by my own uniqueness
Stop lights won't work, I'll get home
Sound and safe, regardless
Won't need a hand if
I'm ruled by my own discreetness
My fire won't quell,
And I'll be harm free and
Distressless and trusting

Line towing, and helping
Expectations up to living
Inside box obeying
Inside line coloring

[Chorus: x2]

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"So-Called Chaos" as written by Alanis Morissette

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    General CommentOne of the things that endears her most to me (maybe even =the= thing, really) is that Al can tolerate ambiguity and conflict -- and then =talk= about it -- like almost no one else I've ever encountered. I've seen people who can =do= this as well as people who can =describe= the capacity (conceptually) as a (probably unattainable) life goal.

    Those who can do it are usually CEOs, presidents, big-time talent managers and "leaders of the free world." Those who can describe it are usually poets or psychology professors. But someone who can do it =and= describe it? For me, at least, that's rare.

    Alanis may or may not be addicted to both perfection and stimulation after 23 years at her trade, but regardless of whether she is or isn't, she does a pretty fair job of racing along on the tips of the pickets without falling off (for long). Yeah; she gains 30 lbs. here and blows it off in two months there (probably =not= a great idea), but the persona she manages to present to the world on stage or across the table in an interview is so =conscious= and "on top of it" that whatever chaos there is in her (200-mile-per-hour?) life =seems= under control.

    The woman journals and meditates a lot. So do I since I started paying attention to her 13 years ago. =I= can handle a lot more ambiguity, conflict and chaos as a result. Maybe that's how =she= does it.
    naughtmoseson September 17, 2009   Link

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