Where there once was love
only hatred now resides
Where I once had heart
only nothingness now dwells

Guilt-ridden shall be your days
Heart-rending your nights

By starlight I rock to sleep
my dearest ones
Under the cold sky I lull to rest
my darlings
Good to lie
in a bed of cloudberry flowers
Soft to dream
on a moss grown pillow

Betrayed by the one I loved
decieved by one I caressed
Cast into the dark
thrown into the endless night

But even bitter is your fate
way darker your path

For nothing have I
been by your side
In vain have I
wasted this life
All that was fair
has been marred now
All the love I gave you
has emptied my heart

Soon I'll be feeling no pain
sleeping in silent shade
The ones you cherish most
I'll take with me to my dreams

Haunted by your deeds
wrapped into the grief
You are bound into this sorrow
until the end of time

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    General Comment

    Someone who has wasted his life with a partner who has in some way deeply betrayed him, the song is sort of written to her and tells her that whilst his pain will fade away she will have to live with what she did forever. It may even be a sort of suicide note.

    highonfire111on July 31, 2014   Link
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    Song Meaning

    Definitely agree on what the other user already said.

    It's about him being traumatized by an abusive partner for a very long time, feeling he's been too patient or having given her too many chances, only to be abused and mistreated for longer just because he loved her and wanted to be the best man he could. Now while separated (or perhaps finally divorced) he's feeling these things because the memories and trauma is still deeply haunting and affecting him.

    I think everyone who's been there can relate a lot to these lyrics. Without doubt one of Insomnium's best and most underrated songs. Their earlier albums deserve more attention from people these days.

    CasROCK96on April 07, 2024   Link

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