You tell me I can't slow down
You tell me where I've got to be
I speed into the darkness
But I swear that I can't see a thing in front of me
You know it's true
I'm not driving anymore
I can't keep up with you
You're closing in behind me
I've got headlights in my eyes
Don't you get too close to me
Can't you see that we'll collide and end up casualties
There's just no room
I'm not driving anymore
I can't keep up with you
So leave me on my own
Run me down and race away from me
I've got nowhere to go to
I don't think I can get back on my feet - back on my feet
You came right out of nowhere
Eyes wide and terrified
And I can't put my brakes on
I can't swerve to save your life 'cause then I'll lose control
And I can't choose
I'm not driving anymore
I can't keep up with you
Get me out of harm's way
Can't you see I'm paralyzed

I want to fade out gracefully
But you keep keeping me alive to face another day

Can't you see I'm through
I'm not driving anymore - I can't keep up with you
Tell me how long have I got (I want to end this earthly toil) - 'till this diet life expires
I want to go swimming in the soil and not come up for breath - sit in God's room
I'm not driving anymore - I can't keep up with you

I'm unfit for consumption

I don't know how to play my part
I swear I'm alone in this thing
I'm a blind man driving my car into oblivion

Let it come soon

I'm not driving anymore
I can't keep up with you

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I'm Not Driving Anymore Lyrics as written by Rob Dougan

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    My InterpretationThis song doesn't have to be about a relationship. To me it represents a metaphor on how his body is a vehicle. His telling the person (soul) who is driving this vehicle he can't keep up with the demands that his destiny is telling him to do so. All he sees is darkness, he wants to know where is going but can't see a darn thing. He can't keep up with this rat race of life that he just want to stop and be abandon somewhere.
    questionsson July 22, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI think it's overwhelming guilt or shame from something he's done. After he "hits" the person he just wants to die.
    themrfrogon January 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's about suicide and desperation. The music is very intense and powerful, and the song "drives" along with an energy seen in few songs. However, the line "Till this diet-light expires" is wrong. It's "'Til this dying light expires"/
    Claidheambmoron June 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI freakin' love this song. it's so powerful! I first heard the instrumental version on the Law & Order credits (they use it as the theme tune for when it's aired in the UK). it goes really well with it all.
    HelBoyon March 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song has an incredible energy, the lyric is open for lots of interpretation, for me it's someone who is pushed into something he doesn't really want, but is to clumsy to stop and prevent it all from happening.
    Jack_Vincenton April 11, 2008   Link
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    MemoryIn loving memory of Nick D Goodey

    I am sorry if this interpretation is personal
    But I never had a say in the funeral
    or what happened to the ashes.
    People hated me and my guilt was strong.
    This is my little anonymous corner of the web to say
    I am so sorry Nick.

    For me this song is quite simply what happened to our relationship
    He died a few nights after I told him I was leaving.
    I was a young mother and I was tired of saving him. I was tired of the visions I saw. I knew he would die this way. He had nightmares of wheels chasing him. I laughed when he first told me his worst nightmare.. a rubber tyre chasing him down a hill !
    It all made sense though in retrospect.

    In our arguements I would always see a flash of his death before my eyes.
    I always saw he was on a bike even during the times he didn't own one.. always saw the truck, the dark of night and the drizzling rain. I didn't really know that it was myself who would drive him to this. I just thought I was a sick person having a terrible bad thought.

    I was just so tired. I was tired of saving him and when i gave up, he died.
    People knew the nitty gritty, that i was weak and i confessed to an affair as an excuse to get out and so I was the scapegoat.
    I had young kids.
    I moved a state away
    I couldnt afford to break down
    or to mourn.
    my guilt never let me mourn

    so i am finally allowing myself to mourn

    and say
    i am sorry Nick.
    and thankyou, for looking out for me
    I know you are the reason i havent crashed yet.
    Dont worry .. time to grow up.. i wont take it for granted anymore.
    no more late night crazy driving. time to move on. My kids still need me after all I am their only living parent.
    you need your rest too.

    Aye its a powerful song. It always reminds me exactely how Nick would have felt in that adrenalin rush moment of death. Yet strangely this song gives me comfort as someone else wrote this and I no longer feel so alone in my thoughts and feelings. Even if no one died.. this song is still powerful.. its how many can feel in a relationship. No matter how strange life can get there is always something or someone that can relate and understand and create something as powerful and strangely beautiful as this song to share.

    ( i am actually a cure fan.. but this is for nick .. and he wasnt a cure fan at all lol )
    cake the distance also touches upon this.. a blending of the two would suit nick best
    goodness knows why him and i were ever together !

    zodinaon July 17, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe song is using driving as a metaphor and applying it to the problems within his relationship. The movie, Driven, used this song perfectly within the storyline. The song mentions how the singer has decided to stop driving because he cannot keep up with his opponent. He starts to go into the many details which causes a mortal to fail while driving -- take a Formula 1 or Indy car driver for example like the drivers in the movie. The song was used in the beginning of the movie. When Beau and his fiance are having and argument, Beau tells her that she is a distraction and the cause of his losses. Unfortunately, the DVD version of Driven doesn't have the same storyline of the theater release did in 2001 because it was cut from 2.5 hours down to about 1.5, so you can't see the rookie beating Beau in the first 3 or 4 races of the season. Anyways, the song also questions "God" when the singer is calling out to his opponent. He says, "tell me how am i, God," and he proceeds to tell God how he cannot keep up with him. God, in this metaphor, happens to be Sylvester Stallone's character, Joe Tanto, who was the former driver for the Rookie's team manager. Bert Reynold's may also be viewed as God, or any of the drivers for the matter of how this song applies the metaphor. Basically, the singer is saying that no matter what he does, he cannot keep up with his opponent, so all he can do is draft his opponent with the hope that he will not pull him into a wall and end his life; hence, God being the opponent, or the driver in the movie who is able to pick up quarters with a single, hot, rear tire and win every race in the rain, even without driving at full rev in order to make just enough traction to keep going (walk on water). Like I said, the theater version of the movie is the only real version of the movie, and I truly hope and wish that they re-release the unedited version because this song was one of the greatest introductions to the movie and really allowed the audience to be pulled into the storyline and wonder who God is. After I saw it in theaters, I took at as the singer saying that when "he" drives, he fails and nearly dies, but when "God" (the all-knowing) drives, it's not up to him whether or not he fails. The drafting is also being applied as a metaphor as if to say, "I can't keep up, so I'll just follow you. I'm not driving anymore. You are."
    Softwornon September 16, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionSo beautiful and packed with raw emotion. Dougan does nothing less.
    lizzianon June 12, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIt sounds like an exhausting relationship, one that is fatal for one of the two.

    But what I really wanted to say: this is the great music used in one of the Matrix Reloaded trailers.
    The instrumental version is just amazing, I could run through concrete with that music on my headphones.
    darkeagleon September 12, 2005   Link

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