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Beginner's Luck Lyrics

The wind whispers your name
your eyes your face visible thru these black days
I was never the only one to think of you
And remember every look every word everything
Digging my nails into my palms feeling nothing but heat
With a heavy heart and a trace of guilt I accept this deceit
I can't forgive myself and I won't start with you
These are the words I live by
I will not attempt to to swallow betrayed
These are the words I live by
These are the words I wish my hands of all the past
Theres are the words I live by
I am buried alive your gift at deception
He?s left me hoping
Reacting choking gasping for unbreathable air
The essence of death
Permeates my senses
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Apr 21, 2004
3 Meanings
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i think its 'i WASH my hands of all the past' but i could be wrong

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I just wanna say. I respect whoever posted the lyrics to Spirals, because lord knows how much of a pain in the ass it is to read the lyrics in that booklet (having to spin the booklet around over and over and over again to read them. That must have sucked. I couldn't do it. thanks

(interesting album cover/booklet design. . .but really. . .yikes)

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I love this song. Digging My Nails Into My Palm Feeling Nothing But Heat.

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