Laidback if she was summertime chilled out if she was winter
she moves me like the seasons
got 237 billion reasons to please her or tease her with kung fu tricks
without her chicks and her chaps we will never see the flicks
so I'm bitter for better or for worse she's my sugah
she'll have no litters no wetters and no nursin and no bugahs
she's a solo kind of gil with 1000 different guys
I want to be the one but I'm 999
why try to pursue her? I don't have the time to woo her,
and if I made her for my lady that don't mean I would do her
like Billy Milligan I got 23 different faces on this island I'm Gilligan (and Ginger?) I chases
no traces left she walks away clean from my attempts
in her brain her mind her soul my presence is exempt
she tempts me with a call when a kiss is what I need
she wants to wear a necklace and I can’t afford a better metaphor.

If I was Chuck Norris, she'd be Bruce Lee
and if I was karate then she'd be Tai Chi
and if I was a numchalk then she'd be a bo
and if I was Liu Kang she'd be as cold as Sub Zero
Coudja wouldja won'tcha be my ninja
you make me so hot ya

We fight more than we make up will my logic ever wake up?
maybe love is a hobby I shouldn't've ever taken up
but once she spoke up I choke up and swing (batta batta) at the curveball she threw me
she spit me out like gum before she even chewed me
I get nervous and sweaty to see her smile
how vile of me to think I own 'er just cuz I was with 'er
people asked me "Hey homey, didja bone 'er?"
can't phone her can't touch her can't see her I'm alone with my fears (look at my teeth man).
And who's she with? Am I the one she's always thinkin of when she met another long hair she was
gone in the blink of a VCR clock
with her it's always 12:00 a.m. and if she ditched me for a dork could I even try to slay them?
No way I'm played out like a Sony Playstation
my body's hard at work but my mind is on vacation
so right now I'm as weak as the shrimp in the sea
I rewrote my lyrics so that I could sing this stupid part.

Ninja Gil

Trying not to get sucked in by a sweet smell, just in case you don’t like the taste
but I can’t deny it, I’m a sucker for a pretty face
Why’d you have to go kick me? Ninja Gil rips hearts for free.
What's up with the Ninja Gil?

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    General CommentSome pretty funny lyrics on this one, and they stray away from theyre jazz sound to pursue a rock one, in any event like most of they're songs its catchy as hell, and it features Mortal Combat sounds so its gotta be awsome.
    chopstix719on June 23, 2006   Link

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