Rocket collecting dust
Hidden from all memory
Bathed in outrage and rust
Waiting for you and me
To own it
Watch you as you douse the ceiling
Light up all the evil dreams
Till they ignite screaming into the night
And we run away clean

I wish I was half electronic
The last shreds of skin are in the sweet sunlight
And I've turned into this smiling, snarling monster
As I watch the walls descend
As I watch the walls descend like stars

Half submersed
I reach your island at night
Washed up tangled on these stones
A gorgeous wreck crashing
To lay here for the next 600 years
The storm will play out there for miles on every side
So tell me who's got the dominoes
But you'll have to leave your lightning outside


The weeds reach the top of the trees

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Rocket Collecting song meanings
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    General CommentFantastic song with a haunting melody. The meaning is kind of hard to discern, but I'll try my hand. It's probably completely wrong, lol.

    K, so these people harness their anger (which has been lying dormant for so long), and use it to fight away all of the enemies that are keeping them in ("douse the ceiling/ Light up all the evil dreams"). The main person finds the whole thing euphoric, and rises up above all of the walls that held her prisoner for so long ("as I watch the walls descend like stars"). She realizes that she's become a monster, but doesn't really care. Afterwards, her and the other person are alone together, all of her anger is spent, and she's a complete wreck, but I get the feeling that she doesn't mind all that much. The other person is her rock, or "island". The battle that she fought in is still raging, but she's completely out of it, just like she wants to be ("leave your lightning outside").
    They were the weeds of society, but now have fought against whoever/whatever that was keeping them there and have risen to the top.

    Ok, that was inarticulate as hell, but I hope you get my point. Does anyone know what she is saying about a little past half way through the song? It's muffled and I can't understand it.
    Like_Millionson March 22, 2009   Link

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