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I Am Lyrics

Come along, I'll walk you thru the world
And we will sing a different song
All along you have been unfurled
But I will hold you from now on

I saw the day when you had lost your way
I saw the sun sinking low
I saw the night, remember how you cried
But don't you know you're not alone
you're not alone

I am in the sun, I am in the shade
I am in the light that love has made
I am in the cold, I am in the warm
I am in the center of your storm
I am in the fire, I am in the flood
I am in the marrow and the blood
When you cannot stand...I am

Come with me, I'll take you to the sea
And it will be all beautiful
And all of water, it covers everything
Cannot compare to my love
For you my love

And when the light won't come
When your breath has gone
And when your hope is done
Just look at me, look at me
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Apr 17, 2004
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