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Torn Into Enthrallment Lyrics

Brain patterns altered since birth.
To serve the higher cause.
Pawns of twisted vision.
Manipulate to do thy bidding.

It is easy for them.
To control us this way.
To think is obsolete.
Therefore no way to question their rule.

A mindless, lifeless zombie.
To walk the rest of it's days.
There's only one law to serve them.
All else results in termination.
Breeding is done by means of test tubes.

It seems strange to me to end up this way.
Torn from my state of being.
Stripped of all my worth.

I can no longer feel what is being done to be.

I have awakened.
Yet cannot move.
Paralysis has stricken me.

I pray for death.
I cannot speak.
Enslavement now possesses me.

Bleed, bleed.
You scream at me.
Worthless is my soul you say.
You feed the lie.
The collapse my will.
Feed, feed.
On what's left of me.
Eating away at a life I once lived.

You left me in your wake.
Or so you think.
Vigilant in your plans to deny.
You will not overtake.
To win the stakes.
I will not cower to your lies.
Your foolish greedy mind.
Is filled with selfish pride.
It will bring you to your knees.
Flailing in the cess.
This convoluted mess.
The origin of your disease.
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