[Part I - Instrumental]

[Part II - Journey to Ithaca]

To the one that I love, my journey has begun
When our eyes meet once more there will be peace
The taste of your lips the warmth of your touch
again, forever, two souls as one

Seems like forever that my eyes have been denied
Home - I'm dreaming of home
I've been twenty years away from all I ever knew
to return would make my dreams come true

Seasons of sorrow have stolen all my years
I miss the rolling hills of Ithaca
I've been through battles and cried a sea of tears
but the tide is changing, and with it all my fears

Seems like forever that my eyes have been denied
Home - I'm dreaming of home
I've been twenty years away from all I ever knew
to return would make my dreams come true

Behold the sea and winds of Jove
We set sail guided by the stars above
The ports of Troy escape our view
a cold and stormy fate awaits our rendezvous

Onward we ride, into the raging fury
Setting our course by the moon and sun
We forge ahead seeking glory
Yet the journey has just begun

Onward we ride - nine days we brave her might
we are coming home...

[Part III - The Eye]

Awakened at dawn - Land dead ahead
with the winds of the morning we change course
no remorse, a place forbidden to all

Search all the grounds - find food and water
Yet journey not into the Cave of Woe
long ago, a legend spoke of a beast

A thousand riches hidden deep within the stone
A thousand nightmares mortal's blood forever flows

A mountainous black - engulfed in a shadow
a bone-chilling growl and an Eye of Hate
a ghastly fate - held prisoner by the Eye

Yet he must sleep - as the daylight fades
we focus our senses and sharpen our blade
we take aim - In silence we strike

A thousand riches hidden deep within the stone
A thousand nightmares - blood runs forever - from the Eye...

[Part IV - Circe (Daughter of the Sun)]

We sit adrift on the open sea
The gift of wind, by Zeus, concealed - so carelessly
We break the waves on a course untrue
across the endless plain of blue - a new coast in view

We carouse with the maiden
beneath her eyes the madness lies
...in mystery

I drink deep from the chalice
of gold and jade - my senses fade
...I'm mesmerized

Stay - like those before
I condemn you all - from walk to crawl

No - my will it defies her
speak the verse - lift the curse
...she's mesmerized

Am I asleep?
Tell me Daughter of the Sun
There's vengeance in the air and all things will be undone

[Part V - Sirens]

Dire warnings -
told by the sorceress in white
'false bringers of love' - Sirens
echoing songs from above

Wings flowing -
floating on Sea of Lies
I defy their vision
Elysium swallows my cries

Embracing -
maidens of lust stimulate
and manipulate my senses
I welcome a watery grave

Tied steadfast to the mast
tragedy awaits me
I'm falling victim
betrayed by the sea

[Part VI - Scylla and Charybdis]

[a) Gulf of Doom]
[b) Drifting Home]


[Part VII - The Fate of the Suitors / Champion of Ithaca]

So this is home...
In the guise of a beggar - Minerva guides my way
I find my kingdom in jeopardy

Vengeance - it swells within me
As I spy so many who eye my Queen
I'll make them pay for this blasphemy... All will see

Triumphant - Champion of Ithaca
I will right all the wrongs
Let the Gods sing my song
Triumphant - Champion of Ithaca
Let a new life begin
my journey has come to and end

A contest of valor
'to pierce the twelve rings
in a single arrow's flight'
Yet, not a one can string the bow

My veil of silence lifted
All is revealed
revenge burns in my heart
thrashing and slashing down all my foes...to claim the throne

Triumphant - Champion of Ithaca
I will right all the wrongs
Let the Gods sing my song
Triumphant - Champion of Ithaca
Let a new life begin
this is the end of my Odyssey

Seems like forever that my eyes have been denied
Home - I'm finally home
It's been twenty years away from all I ever knew
I have returned to make my dream come true

Lyrics submitted by Idan

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    General Comment

    amazing song, its self explanitory if you know anything about greek mythology

    kukerdanon March 09, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    Good say, dylan. I'm not sure, but I think "Ulysses" is the more modern version of his name, which is Odysseus. And yes, on his voyage home from the Trojan War, he is lost at sea with his crew. Long story short, he goes to North Africa, gets high on opium, sails North, finds an angry cyclops who makes him and his crew stomp grapes to make wine, and then comes the sirens and so on... And yes, when he returns home, he totally owns the "blasphemers."

    In regards to the movie, Troy, it is sort of narrated by Odysseus (played by Sean Bean) which lead me to think that they would later make a movie titled "The Odyssey" as a sequel, which follows Odysseus' late adventures. But I think my hopes have been let down.

    Anyway, great song to compliment the epic tale. Love it. Love it. Love it.

    ShadowClutchon July 12, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    La cagó esta canción, 'ta la raja. La media composición que se mandaron. A pesar que no abarca por completo la historia relatada por Homero, vale la pena escucharla mil veces. En sí la canción representa eso, la historia de amor entre Ulises(Odiseo) y Penélope; sus ganas de regresar a su hogar y ver de nuevo a su hijo Telémaco; de demostrar que nunca se ha ido y que es el único quien podrá salvar a Ítaca del caos en que quedó cuando Ulises fue desterrado por Zeus. Demostrando que el ser humano debería luchar siempre por sus sueños e ideales para que se conviertan realidad, sin importar cuanto cuesten, y que sacrifico requieran.

    azathothvurfon November 18, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    Hey azothothvurf......can you please explain that in English....cause I can`t understand a thing you say...

    dylanrockson March 31, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    Hey...I've done some little research about the odyssey and for those who haven't a clue about what it is I'll tell you..don't worry.

    Well after the Trojan war where Ulysse had the idea of constructing a the Trojan Horse.....Ulysse wanted to go Back to his home Ithica 'cause he was away for 20 years (the siege of Troy lasted I think 10 years alone). So he returns in his ship and he encounters alot of obsitacles and Héra, I think, the daughter of Zeus, God of the Sun and God of all Gods, helps Ulysse in his journey. Ulysse is very intelligent and he always sails in the seas at night even though it is too risky and although his crew tells him not too.

    Finally he arrives to Ithica and decides to make a revenge against all of the men that tried to steal the heart of his beloved PENELOPE while he was away "Vengeance - it swells within me As I spy so many who eye my Queen I'll make them pay for this blasphemy... All will see" ... Nestor is a Greek counsellor who is very old and very wise....

    dylanrockson April 02, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    hey shadow, Ulysses his name in Greek. Odysseus is the Latin version. Also think he killed the Cyclops before going to North Africa.

    doesn't really matter though. All that matters is that it is a sweet song

    -ElBarto-on December 11, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    This is the longest song on my computer... pretty straightforward, and ambitious even for a song in its genre.

    Thunderbolton January 06, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    My mistake odysseus didn't go to North Africa. That was Aeneas.

    -ElBarto-on January 31, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    He didn't kill the Cyclops. He called himself, Noe-Bod-e (I think that's how it was written) and he stabbed the Cyclops in the eye while he was still sleeping. Then they set sail away as the Cyclops (Son of Posiden. God of the Sea) went to tell his brother's. He said Noe-Bod-E has harmed me! The brothers thought that since 'nobody' harmed his brother, there is nothing that they can do. I love Greek Mythology. And the way that Symphony X does it is truely amazing.

    langeslayer3887on September 03, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    You're right, but as a side note, the whole NoeBodE thing is a play on words, because Ulysses/Odisseus in greek also means "no one", so he told Cyclops his real name, but if you arent familiar with the person, anyone who hears the exclamation "No one has ..." will think nothing of it, besides that Cyclops is stupid or something.

    Coruptednumberon October 13, 2006   Link

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