"Cutsman" as written by and Engstrom Prophet....
That little bastard
With his tricks and vile forms of play
Hacking shaving slicing mutillating
All that gets before him or that gets in his way.

Coming around down the stairs
The wood cracked beneath my feet
My hand slid across the rail
Collecting dust on my fingertips

Then I came into a dark room
That smelled of wet stone and many years
And there was a robotic retard
With a blank empty stare

It was a little android man
Half the size that I am
Scissors on his head
Scissors on his fucking head!

Little android man
Born without a soul
Without that force of reason
The scissors took control

Little android man
Born without a heart
If he's in your vicinity he'll cut you apart!
Here he comes

There's no time it's just a game
Don't look back he's right behind
And here's your piece of mind.

Cut! Cut! Cut Cut!
Cut! Cut! Cut Cut!

Little android man
Born without a soul
Without the voice of reason the scissors took control!
Little android man
Born without a heart
Anything in his vicinity he'll cut you apart.

Robotic retard counts his fingers
1 2 3 4
Little android man
Never never never trust a...
Little android man
He'll cut cut cut cut!

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"Cutsman" as written by Derba Arkenstone


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    My InterpretationI think this song is about being associated with a sociopath or narcissist. Cutsman is a metaphor for a bully or someone who gains pleasure at others expense. That's what the "cutting" is and why he has no soul or heart.
    It could just be about the video game, but birdo certainly has a deeper meaning, and at first glance, it also appears to just be about a video game.
    shnoogumson February 22, 2014   Link

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