Sky diver, your pants are on fire and the rest of your clothes is blowing
And for some strange reason, your nose is growing
My skin is crawling, everybody's chin is falling,
Jaws are dropping left and right
Lost cause you came like a thief in the night
With nice white teeth and a tight ass and long conversation
Fascinating feeling to spend months in your company
I never felt uncomfortable, even with my clothes off
Chillin' so hard, my ass almost froze off
Everybody shows off and wants to look presentable
But the fact of the matter is that accidents are preventable
From the sound of the candy wrappers
Down to the handicappers
Everybody's got to exercise a little caution
But every so often expect things to get hectic or
Technically difficult and I begin to get skeptical
Especially when the Canadian bacon gets sizzlin'
Isn't it a sin when the ceiling is invisible
We need new inventions that reveal peoples true intentions
A portable pride protector, affordable lie detector
The wild lifestyle has the tendency to intimidate
But it isn't your invitation to imitate
In front of my face, you spoke my gospel like an apostle
But on the other side of town, you got coke in your nostril
Just for example, we all want to live a bit
Whatever, it's your body of water, why should I give a shit

Who are you anyway, and where did you come from
Dumdum, just when I thought I could trust someone
The mask comes off, and your face fades away
You radiate eighty-eight full shades of gray

Black and white rainbow, you know you ain't acting right
Game show hostess, stabbing every back in sight
The time has come thicker than blood
And make no mistake, I'm a stick in the mud
I'm a kick in your pants and I'm a lump in your throat
And I'm the hassle in your castle, I'm going to jump in your moat
Splash, hypocritical condition the hospital
Makes this mission impossible
Pretty much, I've got no patients left and as a physician or doctor
It puts me in an awkward position
No magician can trick me, or lick me with a cattle whip
So what makes you think you can sink my battleship
We ain't family, drama queen, the camera's rolling
Show me your swollen memories before the moment's stolen
Slow-motion Picasso, wearing the wool socks
And coming with the full clip, I'm sick of this bullshit

Who are you anyway, and where did you come from
Dumdum, just when I thought I could trust someone
The mask comes off, and your face fades away
You radiate eighty-eight full shades of gray

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Pants on Fire Lyrics as written by Richard Terfry

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    General Commenta masterpiece , i really love this song i rarely enjoy (except when i'm drunk and dancing my ass off.. by that i mean dancing very pooly) rap or hiphop or whatever but buck 65 and the streets are exceptions the lyrics are incredible smart rap i love it!
    To me this song is about a hot girl who lied to a guy and fucked everything up just when he tought he had found the right girl! yay! bye now! again great song
    Lastminutesafetyon April 11, 2005   Link
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    General Commentdid i really say masterpiece?... i mean it's a really good song with great lyrics a lyrical masterpece maybe almost well you know...
    Lastminutesafetyon April 11, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti agree with the masterpeice part its so kick ass, ive got like 3 of there cds and i listn and love all of there songs!!!!!
    rock the system!!on January 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWho Doesnt Love that Crazy Bass line?

    Your MISSING THE CRAZY COOL VOICE AT THE END.... I wish I knew where the Voice Clip cam from,,, Maybe you can tell me :

    I dont' need anybody
    you hear what I Said,
    Did you hear what I Said this time?
    You wanna know the truth?
    I could of had any girl I wanted at school
    ANY GIRL I wanted
    You know why I didnt have a girlfriend?
    Cause there was nobody that I liked...
    Nobody that I Liked
    That's the truth
    I could have anybody
    theres nobody that I liked cause GIRLS STINK
    They Stink
    They're Evil and they're ALL bad
    all of them
    backstabbers, Like you....

    NOW That crazy sound Clip At the end I think Will maybe help justify what I think the song is about:
    who you can look at someone one way, but when you really get to know them, they're not so pretty anymore. they jsut turn into regualr people like the rest of us, (Full Shades of Grey) Everyone has they're secrets and it's only a matter of time before the secrets we hide become Evident to the world.
    thoguh as much as I love buck 65, I find this song to be one of his deeper ones. Or maybe it;'s not and It's jsut one of the easier ones that I am able to *find meaning too*
    BTW, I dont think girls stink lmao, I'm a chick myself, but the guy who says that clip Sounds really creppy, I really wish I knew what it was.....
    lyssy14on August 31, 2006   Link
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    General Commentits from buffalo '66, a movie produced written directed and starring vinvent gallo.that him you hear. hes a compulsive liar who went to prison for some guy, and falls in love with some girl he kidnapped(christina ricci). its really good.
    deadgenerationon October 15, 2006   Link
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    General Commentalso in response to the first comment, the streets are awful. but either way, you should check out aesop rock and atmosphere. there actually A LOT of hip hop out there for people who "usually dont like hip hop"
    deadgenerationon October 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think that the deepest meaning of this song is just that now he find all of off and public persona people wanna give to them it all disgust him

    maybe..but i know its no just about " a girl who fucked up"
    RivRDon October 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's about a liar but this liar is amazingly attractive even in personality Then he gets a bit insecure but then realizes that this whole relationship is just a game played by the person. And I'm sure the song said Mammaries As in Mammary glands or breasts.

    The sample is from Buffalo '66.
    MyOwnBloodon September 19, 2007   Link

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